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  1. GiovaTrabuzz

    Cpu management issue

    Alright, so this is my situation: I had win7 on my laptop, than I installed OSX.(with mbr patch of course) I tried to install clover, but the os boot screen appears, so I guess i have to install it in legacy mode, but I don t know how to do it. Anyway this are my boot options in the bios.
  2. GiovaTrabuzz

    Cpu management issue

    Chameleon works, but I didnt understand yet if clover works with legacy or only with uefi(i know im a total noob lol)
  3. GiovaTrabuzz

    Cpu management issue

    You're right, I did not explain myself I've been using chameleon bootloader since always, but even if I tried any possible fixes, I have always had the"errors ecountred while starting up the computer" (which is annoying beacuse you have to wait 5 seconds and then it boots up normally) issue. That's why I wanted to switch to clover. Anyway, I checked the BIOS. In the UEFI BOOT ORDER options, there is not "HARD DRIVE", but usb,floppy and BOOT OS MANAGER. So I guess the screen I see is beacuse my pc can not boot in uefi mode(?)
  4. GiovaTrabuzz

    Cpu management issue

    Alright, according to dpcimanager I have 7 states,great!I followed the guide to install clover, and now there isn't the error anymore, but now an HP boot screen appears. What shell I do now?(if I press continue nothing happens)
  5. GiovaTrabuzz

    Cpu management issue

    I have already done that to make chameleon bootloader work, anyway clover doesn't Maybe It doesn't because I have windows and osx installed on an mbr drive(now i m getting boot1 error)?
  6. GiovaTrabuzz

    Cpu management issue

    Thank you so much man, after following the guide this is HWmonitor. Do you think I can do anything else to have more states?
  7. GiovaTrabuzz

    Cpu management issue

    I changed SMbios and ran that in terminal but nothing changed. Now HWmonitor shows some different values, but I think the issue is still there. I am using chameleon bootloader(i tried to install clover once but i got boot0 error)
  8. GiovaTrabuzz

    Cpu management issue

    I am already using it
  9. GiovaTrabuzz

    Cpu management issue

    I'm running mavericks on an HP Laptop with Intel core i5-2450m, but as HWMonitor shows, my CPU only works on the minimum(792Mhz) or at the maximum(2,49 Ghz) power. I already tried to patch AICPM and installed the i5 SSDT, which causes"P-STATE STEPPER ERROR 18". Even if I fixed It following this guide: http://olarila.com/f...php?f=26&t=1649 , I still can't fix the power management issue. Thanks for helping me.
  10. GiovaTrabuzz

    Problema gestione CPU

    Salve a tutti, ho un Hp pavilion g6-2006sl con processore i5-2450m. Il problema è che, come dimostra HWmonitor, la CPU lavora solo al massimo(2,49 Ghz) o al minimo(792Mhz), e non a valori intermedi. Ho applicato la patch a AICPM e installato l' SSDT per l'i5. Utilizzando l' SSDT però mi compare l' errore "P-STATE STEPPER ERROR 18", e nonostante abbia seguito questa guida per rimuovere l'errore: http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1649 , non sono riuscito a risolvere il problema. Qualcuno è in grado di aiutarmi?
  11. GiovaTrabuzz

    IntelHD3000 help?

    I am able to use QE/CI, but I still have a problem. When I wake from sleep the pc, the brightness automatically sets to max. I found this post at tonymacx86 where is explained how to fix it, but I am not able to understand: This fix works in case brightness increases after sleep. i know this issue in some laptops using intel graphic chipset and for only intel integrated graphic chipset (hd3000, hd4000) cautions. - remove any kexts related backlight. - PNLF exists in your dsdt - set snb platform id or ig platform id in dsdt 1. HD3000 - find your snb platform id. For macbook pro 8,1 it is 01020400 - open appleintelgraphicsfb.kext with hex editor - find your snb platform id and go to 100700100700 right after your id - replace 1007000010070000 to 121300001213000 - rebuild kernel cache What shell I do? Thanks
  12. GiovaTrabuzz

    [aiuto] dual boot win7 iatkosl2

    scarica easeus partition manager, converti la partizione delle foto a logica e crea quella per os x senza formattarla in alcun formato.
  13. GiovaTrabuzz

    Kernel Panic durante l' intallazione

    Prova ad eseguire il booot con cpus=1 -v
  14. GiovaTrabuzz

    Help AppleHDA?

    Ok, I followed a guide and find out my codec is (hex) 111d 76d9 (?)
  15. GiovaTrabuzz

    Help AppleHDA?

    I am sorry I am a noob, I have no idea about codec and stuff like that. I was just asking if someone had already patched AppleHDA for a laptop like mine.