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    About installation of the Yosemite. In fact, we can be "installed" Yosemite in Windows First of all, I install Yosemite on a Intel computer, adding the necessary kext files, confirm can enter the system, and then use the"Paragon Backup Recovery 2014 Free "to backup the entire Mac partition. Then the backup files are copied to the U disk, and then paste it into a AMD computer, use "Paragon Backup & Recovery" restore, replace the kernel (using the HFS for Win trail),install the chameleon, boot system. Don't need enter the installation interface, can complete the installation too. Some people will upload backup files to some cloud, for others to download. Therefore, we needn't backup, direct download his backup to install In fact, a lot of people use this method to install hackintosh in China By the way, there are many China Company provide great space disk free. Thanks!!
  3. My source has a few silly mistakes....It's easy to fix,but i dont have time. Maybe the bootstrap.cpp has problem. Maybe need to modified function and define. And some header files changed on 10.10, and the reason of the problem too.
  4. Thanks very much.I think I forgot to modify the ''makeinc.def'' And I deleted reply on accident.
  5. I changed the source last weekend.But I dont have time to download the xcode6 to compile. i will upload the source give you to try Thanks!
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    [AMD] Yosemite OS X 10.10 DP & Beta

    What the kernel you use? You have successfully?
  7. I have a problem... I couldn't get me into desktop.This is 10.9.2,and it is new installation ,no update. It stoped here,The mouse can be used. EDIT:CPU Athlon II X2 245
  8. MY GOD!!!! The 10.9.2 source is coming out!!!! http://www.opensource.apple.com/release/os-x-1092/ The XNU 2422.90.20!!! Download http://www.opensource.apple.com/tarballs/xnu/xnu-2422.90.20.tar.gz
  9. @Andy Vandijck With bsa_kernel R9 on Mavericks 10.9, does not reach desktop. During boot, verbose shows typical start up seq. until after hfs mounted... -it never reaches launchd and no "VM Swap subsys ON" either, it stalls there. The same result with -x and GE=No. My CPU is Athlon II X2 245.But I saw some people use FX is normal and working well. You have time to try to fix it?If you have the time,can give it a try? Please forgive my request.
  10. No. I'm a middle student now,and 14 years.
  11. I compiled a new kernel, using the latest sinetek source code. (added AnVSee3 and See42 opemu) Use it to boot system normally. But at compile time has been suggested that "xcrun: error: unable to find utility"ctfmerge", not a developer tool or inPATH"and "xcrun: error: unable to find utility "ctfconvert", not a developertool or in PATH". It affects the compiler? Thanks! mach_kernel V7 test.zip
  12. I see the update in sinetek/xnu.It's about AnV'see3 and see42 fixes. Thank AnV and Sinetek! Hope that as soon as possible to compile a new kernel! Thanks again!
  13. Because "Use kernel cache"You can try -v -f.
  14. I think the source code will be released on 10.9.2 official version. Because in the 10.9 test version wasn't released source code too.