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  1. DiegoMax

    R.I.P Prawker

    see ya prawker!
  2. Hey Eugene, welcome to the insanelymac forums! it is really cool to see you here man! I guess we can finally expect some progress in the SoundBlaster area now that you are around Respect. Diego // KX User #2
  3. DiegoMax

    Re:OSX on P5KC

    Thank you Trixeo, very useful INFO! TAGs: p5kc sata ports
  4. I would like to know the same thing.... /me starts to investigate this crappy chip
  5. DiegoMax

    How do I write a driver?

    @pcwiz: I dont wanna sound rude.... but... you need to read a lot before asking "how to write a driver for OSX", it is clear that if you dont know what to read, most probably you are far away from the skills needed to write even a serial port driver. My advise to you is to start reading from the beginning: Introduction to C++ and then, this one: Beginning Mac OSX Programming and then: Getting started with Hardware, Drivers & IOKit after that, you can start thinking about the remote possibility of writing any kind of driver for OSX.
  6. Ok, some logics for you Ramm. The first thing you should do is to check the whole string to see if it contains the substring "http://" if ([yourString rangeOfString:@"http://"] == 0) // This function returns 0 if the substring is not found { // so if it IS equal to zero, (substring not found) we dont have the http://, then let's add it. NSString *httpPrefix = @"http://"; // CREATE a variable of type string with the "http://" prefix NSString *correctURL = [httpPrefix stringByAppendingString:yourString]; // Combine both strings to get the final one } // and later you should take care of instruct webkit to use the variable "correctURL". This code could have little mistakes, i did it without actually testing it, but i think you got the idea. Hope it helps.-
  7. If i remember correctly, in objC, strings cant be compared "directly". You need to use a string comparison function called "isEqualToString" or something like that.
  8. DiegoMax

    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    Hi Mash Sorry to post this here, but since i commented in a negative way about the hosting issue, and with your post you are totally negating what i just said, let me post something here: [root@plusmediaserver ~]# traceroute insanelymac.com traceroute to insanelymac.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets 1 ( 0.096 ms 0.042 ms 0.034 ms 2 ( 0.570 ms 0.481 ms 0.486 ms 3 ( 0.374 ms 0.354 ms 0.244 ms 4 ( 0.613 ms 0.733 ms 0.488 ms 5 ge3-23.ar1.ewr1.us.nlayer.net ( 0.871 ms 1.117 ms 0.617 ms 6 tge1-1.ar1.nyc3.us.nlayer.net ( 0.856 ms 0.892 ms 0.999 ms 7 ny-iix.above.net ( 1.095 ms 1.031 ms 1.114 ms 8 so-1-0-0.mpr2.lga3.us.above.net ( 0.992 ms 0.973 ms 0.993 ms 9 so-0-3-0.mpr2.lga5.us.above.net ( 0.995 ms 8.720 ms 0.865 ms 10 so-1-0-0.mpr2.iad1.us.above.net ( 6.239 ms 6.101 ms 6.114 ms 11 so-6-0-0.cr2.dca2.us.above.net ( 16.237 ms 6.344 ms 6.364 ms 12 so-6-0-0.cr2.dfw2.us.above.net ( 35.097 ms 35.093 ms 35.561 ms 13 ( 40.840 ms 40.814 ms 40.837 ms 14 te7-1.dsr01.dllstx3.theplanet.com ( 40.973 ms 40.827 ms te9-1.dsr02.dllstx3.theplanet.com ( 40.849 ms 15 vl42.dsr02.dllstx4.theplanet.com ( 41.086 ms 41.078 ms 41.665 ms 16 gi1-0-1.car17.dllstx4.theplanet.com ( 41.143 ms 41.280 ms 41.211 ms 17 12.49.5746.static.theplanet.com ( 41.221 ms 41.076 ms 41.090 ms Doesn't looks to me like professional hosting by fubra... looks more like a theplanet.com server....
  9. DiegoMax

    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    Well, this post looks a lot more better than your first one, and certainly, i could not say anything against it, so im really happy, because in a way, i feel like i helped a mod here to improve a little. To explain this even further, you took my first post as an agression against you, now after rethinking a little, i think you noticed that it wasnt against you, but against the way you wrote, so now you come and you write this perfectly good one. If i or the rest of the people agrees or not is not our problem, but you are not persuading people anymore to stop posting, so that's great and the result of people posting (in favor or not) can only be good.
  10. DiegoMax

    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    100% agreed macGirl, a post like the one you just did is perfect imho, maybe you should re-read what i wrote to see where i was going with that. Implying (directly or indirectly) that having a negative opinion about sometihng is not ok, with things like "give it a break" and blah blah blah is what pisses me off. I never said that you or the others moderators can not express your opinions... did i said that ? Can you quote the part where i did said that ?. No, because i never said or implied that. What i said was more simple, negative comments are in my opinion, as good as positive ones, so why trying to persuade people to just post when they have something nice to say ? See what i mean now ?. I personally dislike the small changes i've seen so far here, im sure i have a lot to see yet and that i cant judge or have a really well founded opinion yet, but i fail to see what is the problem if me, and the other guys that disagreed post their opinions. That's all.
  11. DiegoMax

    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    Don't even try to change the meaning of what i said. I don't have any problem with Munky or with the new owners, i don't even know them, and as a matter of fact, i don't think i have a problem with any of the new or old Staff (with some rare exceptions). What i say is simple, every time a post coming from staff receives bad criticism, like this one, some moderators and usually other individuals come to say "give it a break", or "how much pissed they are" about the negative response. Why not just accept the negative response as part of the game ? As an example, one of the first changes the new owners applied to the site, was the fact of adding a link at the page bottom, stating "Hosted by Fubra Limited". That is perfectly OK, if it were TRUE, but sadly, the site is still hosted at theplanet.com, so that means to me that they just wanted to have a link in the page bottom, giving them false credit for structure they don't have. So, after realizing of things like that, im worried, because maybe some people fails to notice that this is the LAST osx86 resource out there, and I, as a user, and as somebody involved in lots of ways on the community, im worried. What can i expect from people including false links to structure that doesnt exists just because of linking purposes, or what can i expect from people calling themselves the "iTeam" ? To me, it is ok, they could make the site Pink if they want to, there is nothing i can do about it. But i will post here my opinion if i think i need to post it, no matter if a moderator comes pissed off or if you think that i should give them a break. And why i say this on this thread ? Because no matter how much i could disagree with Mash and lots of things he did, but he used to manage the site in a pretty professional way, and that is something that I'm missing now. I hope that my point of view is clear now, and that both you and munky realize that this is not something against you or him or the new owners, it is simply my own opinion on the matter, no less, no more.
  12. DiegoMax

    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    As a forum moderator, i think your duty is to MODERATE, not to tell people how to think or how to write. People expressed their points of view in different ways, some ones like me prefer the educated way, while others prefer a more rude way. If you are pissed about the negative response to the thread, this is a personal problem of yours, and you should not try to persuade people to "think different", that's dirty and totally un-professional (and doesnt works usually). You say that "we all want a site wich is better", sure, but who can tell what is actually better or worse ?. Maybe what is better for you is sh*t for others, and vice-versa. In other words, if you dont like the negative posts in this thread, its ok, but dont come here to tell people how to think. Everybody haves a brain here and we belive in freedom of speech... right ?
  13. DiegoMax

    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    I will miss you old good InsanelyMac . Note to the new owners: You don't have the need to change everything here, we already know you arrived.
  14. DiegoMax

    10.4.8 JaS problems

    That is not true, the 10.4.8 DVD should work for unexperienced people too. If everybody starts to think like you on that matter, then there is no need for a dvd, then let's start instructing the users about how to compile from sources, and so.
  15. Well, afaik, nobody is forcing people to donate.... right ? I had the "pleasure" to read your FIRST post, before you edited it and converted it to what it is now, and you stated you were a developer, working in opensource stuff, etc... How is that a developer doesn't knows how to recover a corrupted install.... or even better, how a developer dont have a copy of all his "system files and all of his work"... Thanks for the 30 seconds of entertainment.