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  1. I've bought a QUO motherboard via Kickstarter and then other 2 for varius reasons. It's more than an year that I've 2 workings workstations and I've made a lot of money out of those. Configurations are in my signature. I work as DataWrangler shooting HD/4K/6K RAW files with cinema cameras and I've try to use hackintosh instead of regular Apple machine for years before QUO and I never been able to confiugure a valid computer using a bootloader to run OSX. I just need it very stable, I don't care about iMessage or iWhatever but there's no room for mistakes or downtimes on my job. I need to offload up to 2/3TB a day from SSD cards up to 512GB as fast as possible (eSata/USB3/TB/miniSAS via TB readers involved), making multiple copies (with ShotPut Pro) and run DaVinci Resolve to transcode the clips to some lighter codec in AppleProRes or DNxHD MXF. I do understand that the real benefit of the QUO motherboard is the BIOS and not the motherboard itself, that is too little for me. I've bought and I'm trying to configure a new machine based on a GA-Z87X-UD7 TH with a i7-4770K and a EVGA 780 6GB because I need at least 2 PCI3 16x (GPU & RedRocket), 2 PCI 1x (WiFi & HD-SDI monitor out) and TB2 funcionality for a external RAID (as the ARECA 8050T2) but I'm far to have the time and the knowledge to do it without voldemort unstable {censored}. I don't care to reboot twice for TB but I would like avoid to have to boot in Win 8.1. There's someone capable of write the right BIOS for this machine that what to help me? Donations are not the problem, funcionality and stability are.
  2. Hi sorry for the wrong upload, here you the .zip with 2 Konas in slot 1&4 (the more little .zip) and the other .zip with 1 Kona in slot 1 (bigger file). As far as this is a workstaion for work and there's no personal datas in I don't have any problem in keep it public if this can help some one else. Thanks. DarwinDumper_2.8.5_Ozmosis_1.01.0820_Mav_ILL.zip DarwinDumper_2.8.5_Ozmosis_1.01.0820_Mav_ILL.zip
  3. Here's the file. Thanks a lot for help. DarwinDump.htm
  4. I've got the same result using only the 2 Konas in Slot 1 & 4. Sorry but I need some more info about "darwindumper dumps, especial full lspci(lspci -nnvvbxxxx) and bdmesg/dmesg" I don't know what is it. Thanks!
  5. My bad, cards are in slot 1 & 4 with the Dlink556 in slot 3. I attach some pics. In this configuration is not working.
  6. No win. The mobo was first flashed with 816M, then 10.8.4 from usb, upgraded on line to 10.8.5, audio patched and than 10.9, never patched the audio after. I've flashed today from 816 to 820 with the same results. Sys info doesn't show any PCI card but cards are active with fans and leds always on.
  7. My system works without any problem with both graphics card I've got and without them (HD4000) and wifi (Dlink 556) but I find a strange behaviour in PCI. I've tried to use 2 Kona 3G cards in the 2 16x slots and I've lost every PCIe cards, Kona's are 4x cards. I can use the Sapphire+Dlink+ one Kona 3G and everything works fine. I can use the 680+Dlink+one Kona 3G and everything works fine. I can use the HD4000+Dlink+ one Kona 3G either in Slot 1 or in Slot 2 and everything works fine. but If I plug 2 Kona 3G and the Dlink the system doesn't recognize any PCI card (I lose the wifi also), anyone knows why? I've tried the (few) possible settings for PCI and nothing change. I've tried also without the Dlink with the same result.
  8. Did you use a Tor browser? I've just downloaded it.
  9. I've attached 3 pics: 1&2. Attached to TB (at boot) PCIe cards in a Sonnett TB expasion works fine but appears in this way in System Info, nothing attached in TB tag and 3 PCIe Cards (really are 2 but one of them with 2 SSD on it) In the PCI pic you can also see the results of Aja disk test on the 2 SSD RAID0 attached via TB, the same result I get using it attached to a MBPr. 3.TB Bios Settings, I've manually changed TB PCIe Cache-Line size from 32 to 64.
  10. I've changed the Thunderbolt BIOS setting from 32 to 64 bits and I manage to mount (via TB) a Sonnett expansion box equipped with a Kona 3G, a Sonnett card with 2 SSD in RAID 0 or a RedRocket and have the different cards working just fine. In System Info I see the cards as PCI cards but not TB connected. In the TB tag the system say explicitly that there's nothing attached but cards appears as PCI and they are working fine at TB speed. I'll try to connect a TB hard drive next week. EVGA GTX680 4GB went up with the 4GB with web driver at first try. The Dlink DWA-556 wifi card (I boughted 2 years ago when I was trying my first hack from Voldemort buyer's guide) works straight without any additional driver. There's somewhere a more step by step guide to patch the audio? I've got the QUO patch but I'm not able to make it working, Terminal answer me "there's no such a file/directory" every time.
  11. I finally received the tracking from QUO, hopefully I will start testing it sometimes next week. I know that the rocket is absolutely not hot swap but I still believe that is not possible even in OSX without bootcamp (never used it so I can't check it, only hacks with multi OS). I've got a TB drive, some adapters and the expansion box with more PCIe cards than the Rocket and a MBPr with 10.8.4. I'll test tomorrow or friday (CET) and I'll post my results, I do not have a TB Apple display to try.
  12. I think who wants hot swap TB (for PCIe) devices never try to use a TB expansion box on a regular MBP. We're using a Sonnet box with a RED Rocket and 2 SSD in RAID 0 for render out (or 2x Aja Kona 3G) with a MBPr (late'12) and there's no chance to have them working if pluged after the boot. You can't even let the MBP to sleep just ON or OFF, for this reason the Sonnet box doesn't have a switch We have a TB to FW800, a TB to Ethernet and a TB to HDMI that works after boot but no way to have PCIe lanes. I believe (please correct me if I'm wrong) that the PCIe funcionality via Thunderbolt is simply not hot swap. For me is not an issue with a "less than 10" boot time" and I hope QUO will boot as fast as a MBP with the system installed in a SATAIII SSD. Than if QUO decide to ship my KS motherboard may be I can write something more than thoughts....
  13. Why do you consider that Quo doesn't support this Xeon? E3-1275v2 is a 4 core LGA 1155. There' any other problem besides the socket that I'm not aware of? Thanks anyway.
  14. I hope someone would like to have a more tecnichal conversation and thanks in advance for any helps. I'm planning to build up a couple of machines for Digital Cinema copying/transcoding/capturing hundreds of GB of videodata everyday, I'm quite aware of what I need in terms of GPU and speciality cards (AJA Kona3G/RedRocket) but I would like to listen some opinions about CPU/RAM. I'm not sure between: i7 3770K + 4x8GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory or E3-1275v2 + 4x8GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Registered DDR3 1600 Server Memory I don't think to overclock and this mobos will be on set with me so heating it's a problem and I consider the lower power consumpion of the Xeon a benefit and I think the P3000 could be enough to run one HD display (for copy/transcode) and the capturing machine will be equipped with a 680 or a Titan.
  15. Awsome build! We almost the same hw I'll use next month. You got my vote!