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  1. I put in FakeSMC in one copy I also tried putting in another time : FakeSMC NVClockX IntelCPUMonitor VoodooBattery.kext VoodooPS2Controller EvoReboot.kext: Reboot fix all produce the same message in the lion installer
  2. I'm still getting the same error. I used the guide from Madl0n , made sure i formatted using GPT and put the patch you mentioned. i put all the files you mentioned in their exact location. and it keeps telling me when i go into the install " this version of mac can't be installed on this computer" and gives me the option to either restart or restore from backup. Funny thing is before i put the kexts and DSDT it would be fine (most of the time) and crash somwhere through the install itself. confusing
  3. Haha, i can't wait to thank you yeah i already applied that package, and it didn't do the trick at all
  4. I used the latest version out there. it didn't create a org.chameleon.. file in the extras folder! Do you mean this guide? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=256729 thats the guide i'm using for the usb. I'll give the version of chameleon you mentioned and let you know how it goes.
  5. Ok Followed your instructions. though i can't seem to find org.chameleon.Boot.plist and when i boot the usb it goes into setup and then tell me "this copy of mac can't be installed on this machine" should i do some edits to the DSDT files i got the link darwin gave me?
  6. sorry if i sound like such a noob but I'm a bit confused on how to inject the dsdt file after i've edited it as i know this is done post install with bootable copy of lion installed . my dell m1530 currently drive has no OS X installed in it.
  7. Tried UseKernalCache=Yes when booting and it frooze at : System uptime in nanoseconds:15414423078 Could you elaborate more on smbios.plist Latin? i thought the DSDT is done post installation. could you point me in the right direction Darwin?
  8. Hi Guys, I've created the lion USB from the guides available on the site, edited the settings in the BIOS to AHCI, and put my lion USB to install. Now here is the part that is driving me crazy, sometimes it goes well all the way to the installer but gets stuck in random places when its installing. sometimes the usb is stuck while booting into the installer, again in various places. Am i missing something here? I've been working on this for the past day non stop. My Laptop : M1530 2.13 Ghz core 2 duo 2 GB Ram Nvidia 8600 GT Hardware formatted using GUID SATA set to AHCI
  9. hey there mate, i got the same laptop but i can't seem to get my mobility x600 and my audio to work, can you tell me how u've done it? links? cheers mate
  10. [How To] ALC882 Sound

    i don't have appleazalia.kext in system/library/extension folder? any suggestions?
  11. Intel Wireless driver

    hi folks first i would like to thank the developers for the hard effort to get things working here i've installed the latest version from the site and it went fine and told me to reboot after the reboot i tried to open the nsgui with no luck so i went to open the network selector and all it gave me is "Could not get ID for kernel control. 2" i'm currently running version 10.4.8 my laptop is a sony vgn-a39gp my wireless card is intel pro/wireless 2200BG