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  1. My opinion on this that Apple released 10.9 free is that they relased these new Haswell architecture computers earlier on this year and Maveric improve these machines.
  2. BlueEyed build [Still in progress]

    You got my vote! Nice build, and that blue dot whit Apple-logo looking nice.
  3. Hi guys! I have been here couple months now. At start i was going to buy a hardware and build my own machine but now i cant even think about that any more. I recently bought the mid 13 MBA. I Want to tell you how good it really is. The batterylife is so nice. The Hasswell chip and the speed of SSD surprise me every time. Waiting for Maveric.
  4. You got my vote! Easy vote for nice build.
  5. G5ive

    Ooh! YOU GOT MY VOTE!!!
  6. Water cooled G4 Cube

    Nice tight mini build! I'm just wondering how much that cpu pump block moves water?
  7. Very nice build! I love idea to use copper tubes there they look very neat. And oh You got my vote!