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  1. athlon system - hackintosh compatible?

    Hi! Okay. Just to clarify, these graphic woes exist even with the silent 5450? Alright then, I'll get to Hackintoshing soon ( probably next week, I'm a bit busy this week ). I'll ask around on the topic you told me too. And if I need any additional help, can I PM you? Thanks!
  2. athlon system - hackintosh compatible?

    Hi! Yes, it's the silent oDB cooling one from AMD direct. So, then would 10.8.3 work fine for internet and multimedia purposes? I don't need it for gaming. I'm new here, so why is 10.7.5 more AMD compatible than 10.8.3? What changed specifically? However, I'm fine with 10.7.5 if it's easier to setup and more stable than 10.8.3. It would save me time and headaches. Thanks!
  3. athlon system - hackintosh compatible?

    Hi! @theconnactic - Really? That's great! Have you tried this out? Wait, your signature has : iHack HTPC (iMac12,2): ECS A780 LM-M2 mobo - AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0 GHz - 8GB Kingston 1333 MHz DDR3 - Sapphire HD 5450 Silent 1024 MB DDR3 - Realtek 8168 and 8105E (onboard) Ethernet - 40 GB PATA (Win8 Pro), 500 GB SATA (OSX 10.8.3) and 500 GB (Time machine for all hacks: the others access it wirelessly) This is similar to mine, right? Would 10.8.3 work? If not, why? I finished both quizzes. Do you have any pre-written guides I should read, or should I just ask for help directly? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I'm new to hackintoshing. I have the following system and I'm a bit confused by all the guides and compatibility issues. Will my system be hackintoshable? Motherboard - ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2 CPU - AMD Athlon II X2 270 GPU - ATI Radeon HD 5450 If yes, which guides and software should I use? Thanks!