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  1. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    I confirm, mine is rev.02 too
  2. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    To give you an idea about the actual performance of the Arrandale graphic chip (i3-380M), here is a test with OpenGL Extensions Viewer (v4.1.0) under Windows 7 Ultimate. I checked the graphics settings for test are the same as on OSX. The following result can not be compared to that of OSX, and the huge difference confirms that there is indeed something wrong. According to tests published by GhostRaider and others on the net, I'm sure OSX can perfectly exploit the potential of this iGPU. It is true that the performance under Windows is still better but this is about 10% or 20% max.
  3. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    @giofrida An Arrandal IGPU like we have must do better !! Try Iron Fist King test and report please.
  4. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Thank you GhostRaider for such amazing work. I also confirm that it works fine on 10.8.4 Sadly, my performance problem still persists and i'm looking for a solution.
  5. Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    I confirm that it works fine on ML 10.8.4 as described below by onelove. Thank you very much aqua-mac for the good work.
  6. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Thank you giofrida, i change legacy SMC version every time i update FakeSMC. Currently, i have HWSensors bundle v5.1.66 (fakesmc v489 + acpi, cpu & gpu sensors) unfortunately, this does not improve my hackintosh
  7. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Experiment done with no KP, but no performance gain. I also edited "MacBookPro6_2.plist" in ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin kext, i now have PrimaryGPU with few more fps. @GhostRaider : can you please send me your ioreg ? maybe i missed something.
  8. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    After playing with AGPM's stings in info.plist, i've been able to gain 50fps in tests. The best results was given by the following edit : <key>MacBookPro6,2</key> <dict> <key>LogControl</key> <integer>1</integer> <key>Vendor8086Device0046</key> <dict> <key>BoostPState</key> <array> <integer>0</integer> <integer>1</integer> <integer>2</integer> <integer>3</integer> </array> <key>BoostTime</key> <array> <integer>3</integer> <integer>3</integer> <integer>3</integer> <integer>3</integer> </array> <key>Heuristic</key> <dict> <key>ID</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>IdleInterval</key> <integer>200</integer> <key>SensorOption</key> <integer>1</integer> <key>Threshold_High</key> <array> <integer>50</integer> <integer>75</integer> <integer>92</integer> <integer>100</integer> </array> <key>Threshold_High_v</key> <array> <integer>70</integer> <integer>80</integer> <integer>92</integer> <integer>100</integer> </array> <key>Threshold_Low</key> <array> <integer>0</integer> <integer>55</integer> <integer>80</integer> <integer>94</integer> </array> <key>Threshold_Low_v</key> <array> <integer>0</integer> <integer>75</integer> <integer>85</integer> <integer>94</integer> </array> </dict> <key>control-id</key> <integer>16</integer> <key>max-power-state</key> <integer>15</integer> <key>min-power-state</key> <integer>0</integer> As you can notice, i removed the two other devises & replaced Heuristic keys with HeuristicOld ones (ID changed also to 0) But as many tests as I do, I do not think that this problem is only caused by AGPM, look at this :
  9. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    I just updated successfully to 10.8.3 (with SingleLink FB at first try) But the problem is not solved, and not one more fps in tests !!
  10. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    I have : - Both Quartz Extreme & Core Image running. - Proper loading AICPM & AGPM kexts. - My DSDT is properly patched (DGTP, LPC, SMBUS, PNLF, Natit override...) - Using MacBookPro_6,1 on ML 10.8.2 (graphic kexts are also for 10.8.2) But according to your screenshot, i notice that my OpenGL version is 2.1 APPLE-8.0.61 I don't know if this is updated by 10.8.3 or i'm missing some thing ?!!
  11. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    But here i have poor performance even at single Iron Fist Head test (laptop connected though AC & untouched AGPM kext) !! This does not make sens ! i'll try to mod some values in AGPM's plist & feedback
  12. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    I also have very poor performance in 3D applications !! Using : - Native speedstep with dsdt & patched AICPM - Latest FakeSMC emulating latest SMC v1.7 - AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB with PowerStates=1 (also tried 0) - No use of Natit On Win7, i can play H.A.W.X for example, so i know what this card is capable of !! Any suggestion please ?