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    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    @espamac, @tluck, @kogen Thanks for the feedback. I did manage to get sound working just fine but no mic? Then I tried a few other things and managed to break sound. @kogen My sound codec is Conexant 20672 Still on a steep learning curve with regards UEFI, Clover, kexts, dsdt etc. please bear with me - lots more reading/researching required! @kogen if you do manage to find time to update guide I would really appreciate it and will be happy to test it out for you and feedback any results. Happy to start from scratch on my system as using as a learning exercise. I have spare disks so can re-test install if needed. cheers
  2. Wavelets

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    @k0gen Thank you for this guide. I have followed your instructions for my T420. I had to change model number to mine which is 4180AF6 Running stock BIOS version 1.44 and screen is 1600x900. Hard disk is OCZ-AGILITY3 (60GB SSD) which is recognised correctly with link speed of 6 Gigabit (SATA III) which I'm very happy about. My main issue is that I have no sound. Please confirm that your set-up supports sound? and advise what might be wrong? Do I have to install VoodooHDA. Another issue is that I am still booting off USB - I did copy UFI folder to primary disk using your instructions but system does not even start to boot beyond Lenovo BIOS. I can select primary disk to boot but just comes flashes and returns to same UEFI/BIOS screen. Regarding your post #117 should I install Clover_v2_r1229k0.zip? Please forgive any mistakes in this my first post. Enjoying OS X 10.8.3 so far on my T420 and hope I can get sound and WiFi in due course. (Have Dell DW1510 but think I need BIOS with no whitelist for it to work) Now booting off primary! Just double checked EFI partition and I had copied files into a sub EFI folder so moved them up one level. (there is already an APPLE folder here too) Anyway now able to boot off system - USB stick not required. :-) Now onto SOUND - please advise what logs I can review to try and determine issue or post here. thanks