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  1. I need help to install on GIGABYTE GA-945GCMX-S2C

    I have almost the same M/B as you, but with 1Gb LAN... I tried also XxX 10.4.11, but had problem with on-board LAN, therefore I haven't tested much enough to say anything. I think you'd better try Uphuck 10.4.9. It works falselessly on this M/B. Thanks Uphuck.
  2. Leo4All V3 on AMD X2 & Asus M2A-VM

    I think I like the Kalyway 10.5.2 better than Leo4All v.3 (but YMMV). My M2A-VM HDMI (with latest official BIOS) can install Leopard only with SATA in AHCI mode (not EIDE)..
  3. AMD 690G / SB600 Compatibility

    My experience with asus M2A-VM (HDMI) : DVD Installer : Kalyway 10.5.2 CPU: X2 4600+ (o/c to 2.8GHz) Mem: 2x1GB DDR2-800 PCIe: asus Nvidia 7300LE/S HDD: SATA 250GB DVD-RW: SATA Need: Set the SATA mode to AHCI (Nothing else works) and set the options before installing according to the hardware (Graphic Card). DON'T forget to check the AMD support box (the bottom most option). This is critical). I haven't tried the on-board x1250 (690G) VGA. Everything seems to work. LAN 1000mbps, Sound (Out), USB, IEEE Firewire (not test), Sleep okay but it doesn't really sleep justpower-off VGA and LAN (need to re-DHCP after waking up) thepower supply, CPU, and HDD still run. My other OSX86 Leopard tests: Asus X80LE Notebook : Kalyway 10.5.2 x3100 Graphic works perfectly. LAN 1000Mbps, Sound RT660, USB all work okay. Wi-fi not. Boot up is very very slow, about 4minutes after that it is fast with Celeron M540 1.8GHz. I tried other installation DVD too, but I feel that I prefer Kalyway. Thank you all for the info in this forum and other forums... Nubusy from Thailand. PS : all my IDE (PATA) drives (HDD and DVD) won't work at all.