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    Sleep issues Haswell laptop (Sony Vaio Pro 13)

    Having the same issue on my sony vaio pro 13.. really strange behaviour. Additionally, this "snow/static" happens when trying to boot OSX in legacy (not uefi) mode. I've tried everything i can think of..
  2. Jointherealms

    BCM94352 Working in OSX, but not in Windows!?o.O

    Just like to report this is an issue with my bcm4352z in my Sony Vaio Pro 13, Windows doesn't work at all. Linux scans and sometimes connects with broadcom-wl drivers but is extremely slow and unstable. Im posting from OSX with a super stable 500mbps connection.. Windows is surely a lost cause but im very interested as to why it doesn't work on Linux, I want to report it upstream to broadcom maintainers, but it seems unlikely to get support since this chipset isnt supported by the open source driver (yet)? The strange thing is, this bcm4352z wouldn't work in a similar toshiba laptop, but after i tapped the pins, it worked fine in that device, but it didnt change anything on my sony.