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  1. M-Audio Delta with Logic Pro

    I've seen around the web that a number of people have had good luck getting the Delta 1010 to work with Logic on their hackintoshes. I'm putting one together at the moment, and since my bandmate owns Logic Pro, I'm eager to give it a shot. I messed with it one time and really liked it -- actually pretty similar to Cubase which is what I'm used to. Anyway, what I have is three daisy chained Delta cards -- two Delta 44s and a Delta 66. This gives me a total of 14 channels (12 that I use the inserts on my mixer for as preamps, and two that come in via a stereo preamp I have into the SPDIF on the 66).. This works great on Win, the Delta control panel shows all three devices and I can map them all in Cubase. For the most part this works like a Delta 1010, but I wonder if anybody has tried chaining the smaller Delta cards on a hackintosh and/or in Logic.. It'll be a couple weeks to source the parts, just wondering what to expect in the meantime and if I should even bother putting all those PCI cards in this machine. Thanks!
  2. I've tried those, unfortunately it restarts too abruptly to get a shot of the screen, but I can tell you that the system restarts immediately after it says "Starting Darwin".. Is there a boot flag to dump the verbose info to a text file, maybe on a flash drive?
  3. Hi all, I'm having a heck of a time getting anything going on this system, which I believe at this point to be a video card issue. I unfortunately do not have another video card available (at least not one that fits in any of these slots) to troubleshoot with. I was able to install using iATKOS Mountain Lion but after the install, the system just restarts immediately when trying to load the OS. I should add that before I tried iATKOS ML, I tried another 'hackintosh' installer to install Snow Leopard, and that one exhibited the same exact restarting behavior, but before even installing. In both cases it restarts a split second after displaying something along the lines of "Starting Darwin". In searching the forums, I did find this thread, and the problem described is identical to mine: http://www.insanelym...onnvidia-gt240/ Unfortunately the described solutions make no sense to me. "Managed to get the graphics working(booted from CD after install) and used IATKOS tools to install drivers." ...iATKOS tools? I couldn't find anything like that. Also what drivers and how..??? My video card is the GeGFORCE GTS240, not the GT240, but the problem described in the OP is exactly what I'm experiencing. I also found a tutorial thread walkthrough of an install on this very same DELL machine that I have, although it doesn't specifically mention the suspect video card -- not that I could walk through it anyway since the steps seem to require an already working OS X machine, which I don't have. The closest I have come to using OS X is setting up my partitions on Disk Utility during the install options when booted from the iAKTOS cd. I've worked my way through installing a couple Linux distros on Apple hardware in the past, but this is my first time trying to put OS X on PC hardware. It is proving very frustrating so far, though I'm admittedly out of my element with this one.