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  1. Hello, I want to buy a motherboard for my first hackintosh, it will have UEFI. Is it better to use Clover instead of Chameleon? Can anyone tell me the exact differences between Clover and Chameleon? As far as I know, apple's booloader is loaded after Clover/Chameleon, so they take information from UEFI and "transform" it to be an original apple's EFI (smbios.plist is important), then pass it to apple's bootloader. Clover has mouse support, automatic kext patching etc. and wants to keep /S/L/E vanilla. What are other differences between those 2 bottloaders??
  2. Mini itx hackintosh board

    Seems they all have UEFI and 77 chipset, H77 is without overclocking, Z77 with overclocking. Onbard Wifi won't work, afaik - please correct me if it works. Since I like to have bluetooth onboard, and no need for overclocking, I think I will go for the Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI. Is there any specific information about how to put OS X on this?
  3. Are there any recommended Mini-ITX mainboards with ivy bridge 1155 socket support? Should i get an UEFI board or not? can OS X boot from uefi?
  4. Introduce yourself.

    Hello everyone, I want to build my first Hackintosh and I am still not sure which parts to get. My native language is german, but I hope you can understand my english.