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  1. i am having some issues trying to figure out how to edit my DSDT file i tryed to upload my DSDT file but it would not let me.. could someone give me a hand?
  2. could someone give me and hand with modding my DSDT my stuff is the same as jerrywillborn's
  3. well i got eveything working good ecept sleep and blacklight.. thank you goses out to jerrywillborn thank you again for the help would not of gotten anywhere with out it..
  4. Hello guys i have tryed a few difrent ways of installing OSX and i keep getting suck at iobluetoothhcicontroller start completed i have a Intell I5 M540 with Intell HD graphics on my T510.. i have had no LUCK at all with making this thing boot past that i have evan tryed deleating NVDA and ATI Kexts and booting with GraphicsEnabler=No Should i maybe redo my USB stick with myhack and just run GraphicsEnabler=No and see whath happens? currently i am running this type of installer using the T510 kexts http://thetecherra.c...rt-to-finish-2/ thank you for the help i am trying to install a retail version i just got of 10.8 i am currently working for a old laptop with 10.6.8 that works good.
  5. Just curious but how dose one patch the BIOS? dose this make the Wifi card work or dose it just allow one to add a working one.. my next question is what is the best method for creating a bootable USB drive to install OSX on here? i tryed something called the snow leo DVD and it just booted in circles never got into the actual install part? thank you