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  1. Hackintosh Compatible Gaming Notebook

    First off, thank you for your reply. I wasn't doubtful about selling it anyway. It just sucks that I can't play any real CPU intensive games as it will stutter inbetween loading sequences where it tries to load portions of the map. The graphics work fine, I can almost max graphics on everything. The stutter is very minor, but the fact that its there, makes some intense gaming moments unbearable. Do i really have to sell and buy a whole new macbook pro? I just can't find the culprit of the issue.
  2. Hello everyone! I currently have the early 2011 Macbook Pro 15" but its been causing me nonstop issues on the bootcamp side and i'm considering selling it and buying a hackintosh-compatible (ML 10.8) ultra book. Even though I got a killer deal and got $400-500 off, I still invested a lot of money on this MacBook pro because it rocks the ATI HD 6750 1gb graphics card. My troubles are with the i7 processor not giving enough processing power when needed, and is causing a lot of micro-stutter and general load issues which I've tried to diagnose and fix for some time now but with no luck. I've tried disabling the W7 core parking, and force enabling turbo-boost using a program called throttlestop but still with no luck. Its not a hardware issue because I just send the whole computer to apple-care and they replaced the logic board and refurbished the whole thing. OK so now that I've explained myself, here's what i'm looking for in a new computer: *Completely 10.8 Hackintosh compatible (ethernet, wifi, graphics, etc) *A quad core processor of some type (preferably one with turbo-boost) *4 gigs of memory *A kickass graphics card (i prefer Nvidia), and a nice bonus feature would be if it had HDMI too *A multi-touch compatible trackpad *Relatively good battery life *MUST be a ultra-book (under 5.6 lbs I believe) I know hackintosh is a constant work in progress and its hard to find a completely compatible notebook, but thats why I'm coming to you guys! There's gotta be 'the one' out there. My budget is around $1200 as that is what I believe I could get for my macbook I currently have. Thank you for your help!