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  1. Steam for OS X is REAL!

    HI http://surensimonyan.blogs.linkbucks.com/ visit this blog u will understand all coz i know r more pro then me
  2. 10 Things Linux Does Better Than Windows

    well i like to share my experience on this i m using windows 7 ( hate xp to core- have my reasons ) , linux and osx ( omg big fan ) i have a graphic card named nvidia 9600 M GT 1 Gb ( I know M stands for mobility ) but its a desktop gfx .so i tried first with one and only windows .I was not able to install it . i tried all drivers (xp, vista , 7)from nvidia site no success. Strange ! i though card is faulty . But when i install it under linux it takes drivers easily so prob at all then i tried in OsX , i was pretty sure from the start that it didn't work but surprised to see it working this is the first hardware for me which works in linux and even osx ( showing 9600 M GT in system profiler ) and not working in windows 7 ( xp , vista all tried ). for me linux plus point it works for most common ( means common only ) hardware .No drivers installation headache like in windows.
  3. Steam for OS X is REAL!

    lol my acc is not enrolled still i can bypass ur funny alarm. lol big lol For others I installed Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and now using steam beta ,i tried to add nonsteam games cs 1.6 cz cs: source Call of Duty Modern Wareware 2 All working perfectly (Love COD:mw2 performance) Even i m getting good fps in games better than windows
  4. Steam for OS X is REAL!

    hi i m Hackintosh user And i tested New Steam Beta On my 10.5.8 here r some screenshots Snapshot_2010_04_23_09_43_52.tiff Snapshot_2010_04_23_09_44_22.tiff Snapshot_2010_04_23_09_45_30.tiff Snapshot_2010_04_23_09_45_30.tiff Snapshot_2010_04_23_09_47_21.tiff saddest part is that i cant play any time saying game is not supported on this platform yet but still soon we get to play majority of hl and hl2 games
  5. System can't start (10.6.2)

    same issue to me specs r in my signature even my config is support in hcl list but there processure is not mentioned pls someone help
  6. [eBay] ASUS P5W DH Deluxe

    i wanna buy but me from india any option sadnesssssssss
  7. Snow Leopard Now Permitted

    when is modified snow leopard coming for non apple people
  8. Chameleon 2 RC3 Released!

    that means can i repair my intel 4500 graphics or nvidea 9500 GT 1 Gb graphic card to boot correctly no more hassle to add gfx string i hope
  9. iATKOS v7 DVD 10.5.7 for Intel/AMD

    Works Beautifully and install is very fast some application not working like vlc , crossover but i can watch movies in quicktime there is no qe/ci as everbody knows there is no dirver for intel 4500 card but i like it thanks uphuck
  10. I Searched around about my motherboad if it can handle Os86 or not but good results are not found. i just need to know if it possible to install on this motherboard or not. My Specs are in my signature Thanks in advance
  11. New InSight Desktop Search for Windows

    this thing not works on my windows 7 64 bit so
  12. Windows 7 Program Compatibility List

    logmein (latest version) 4.0 No Ad Muncher ?? No Ext2FS (to mount linux partitions) 1.11 Works only till the system restart and a again i have to install Nero 7751 Portable ?? No
  13. Install Win7 in vmware

    yes u can give it a try and i believe u won't regret
  14. Windows 7 Beta 1

    i want the wallpaper too..
  15. OS at PC

    what the are u doing ? explain in an easier way or language