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  1. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Any way someone here can get a writeup on a Snow Leo out their? would really love some help with this guys! Thanks
  2. Hello everyone! Well like i stated on the title, I've got a Dell XPS410 running iAtkos 10.5.7 flawlessly, but id like to get it to 10.5.8 so i can have full functionality of the Magic Mouse! How do i "Safely" update my system? Thanks guys! Really appreciate the help!
  3. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Cant wait for an installer! That would be awesome! Ive been on 10.5.7 and like it but i LOVE SnowLeopard on the Macbook i bought my sister! Just out of curiosity, any tips or tricks to making Leo run faster? Intel SpeedStep or anything else? What kexts are recommended for a flawless install? Im super happy with everything but like any other geek, want more!
  4. Anyone get OSX working with d101ggc?

    Bump.... Anyone?
  5. Well my neighbor gifted me his old machine and it seemed like a near perfect candidate... The mobo is an intel d101ggc which should work but the chipset drivers arent cooperating with me! Does anyone know how to get this going? I believe its an ATI chipset, install goes great (SLOW! 3 Hours with a Pentium D) then a Waiting for root device... Supposedly installing the chipset driver then doing a -F gets it going but i cant find a good enough writeup and im pretty noobish to be honest... Thanks for the help!
  6. iDeneb 10.5 on HP TouchSmart IQ504

    Alright, well ive gone through a few of the kernels... Now the problem is the bootup process. I get past the apple screen, hit the blue screen then it goes black a then comes back a pixelated blue screen... Im at a loss... Ive set up three computers using three different distro's and its been dandy... This one seems like its the best suited, but its a no go!
  7. iDeneb 10.5 on HP TouchSmart IQ504

    do i check all the kernels on the iDeneb install disk? usually the only command that gets my into the install is "-v cpus=1" What would be the command id use to switch kernels? Thanks!
  8. iDeneb 10.5 on HP TouchSmart IQ504

    10.5.5 is the version of iDeneb i have 10.5.5 is the version of iDeneb i have
  9. iDeneb 10.5 on HP TouchSmart IQ504

    Bump... 40 views, anyone?
  10. iDeneb 10.5 on HP TouchSmart IQ504

    This is as far as i can get!
  11. iDeneb 10.5 on HP TouchSmart IQ504

    This is my list of startup options
  12. Alright guys, im trying to get this going on my new touchsmart.... Its been done before on the IQ507 but my IQ504 just wont seem to boot up, i get past the install and all that with some commands "rd=disk0s2 -v cpus=1" with that i can install... Specs as followed... Chipset : Intel GM965 Express <li>Installed Memory : 4GB DDR2 SDRAM<li>Display : 22-inch Flat Panel LCD <li>Processor Speed : 2 GHz <li>Processor Manufacturer : Intel<li>Display Type : Flat Panel LCD <li>Bus Speed : 667 MHz <li>Video Output Interface : PCI Express <li>Number of Memory Slots : 2 x DIMMs <li>Installed Video Memory : 128 MB <li>Hard Drive Capacity : 320 GB <li>Hard Drive Interface : Serial ATA <li>Hard Drive Rotation Speed : 7,200 RPM <li>Controller Type : Serial ATA<li>Graphic Processor : Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100<li>Max. Video Resolution : 1680 x 1050This is the install vid and guide for the IQ507 http://hijinksinc.com/2008/11/05/how-to-in...-hp-touchsmart/ Supposedly the only difference is the video chipset? Anyhow, i dont know the right combination of options i need to use on iDeneb and after install boot screen to get the OS going... The furthest ive gone is the white apple boot screen... Please and thanks to all you mac gods out their
  13. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Hello everyone! After allot of frustration and research, i was finally able to get iATKOS v7 DVD 10.5.7 for Intel/AMD working! To begin with, you must enter your BIOS (F2 at startup), find your way down to the drive's section and change your drive settings from RAID to Automatic/Raid (Windows wont like this)... Restart Upon startup enter F12 and select to boot from your CD drive (Assuming that is where your installation disk is) Once the disk starts booting up enter F8 for more options and you want to type "-v cpus=1" without the quotation Once the installer has initiated, you will want to open disk utility and erase your drive using MacOS Extended (Journaled)... (this is assuming you want to wipe your drive clean) Select the drive then continue Next screen on the bottom left hand side of the installer their should be an options button... Here are the options i selected... >iATKOS v7 main system >Bootloader -Chamelion V2 >X86 Patches -/Extra Directory -DSDT -Decryptors --Apple Decrypt --dsmos -Disabler -OHR -RemoveTyMCE >Drivers -VGA --nVidia ---EFI String for nVidia ----DVI/DVI ---Enablers ----NVEnabler -System --SATA/IDE ---AHCI ---Intel SATA/IDE --Sound ---VoodooHDA >Post-install actions Select next once youve selected this (Or your own custom choice of options) Install took about 30 min Let the system reboot on its own.... Once it does i had to wait for it and upon the Chameleon V2 boot loader screen i struck a key for options and entered "-v CPUS=1" CONGRATS! Your XPS410 should be working fine! Not sure how the onboard NIC is functioning as i have another nic installed, and i am also using an nVidia 7900GS card which has QE/CI enabled! Feel free to ask questions and i will answer back if i can... Dont feel shy to respond to someone else's either! I actually have some questions of my own.... Should i have installed VooDoo Kernel? Or even Speed Step? i wanted to but i was a little weary as this install is amazing and didnt want to toy with it
  14. Big help please!

    spoke too soon.... She booted up once and never again.... CPUS=1? tried to no avail... I think i went kext crazy... simple question do i use the standard AHCI kext? or the intel one provided below? - Can i avoid doing CPUS=1 at startup? i want two cores! LOL! Thanks to all!
  15. Big help please!

    Ok well this is step by step what i just finished doing... I would up at a blinking slash on my screen even after having switched the raid settings from raid to auto/raid Turned on the machine with disk in it F2 BIOS- Set raid to Auto/Raid F12 boot to CD iATKOS V7 F8 for options Vanilla then Enter Under disk utility Selected the drive Erase MacOS Extended (Journaled) Named OSX86 Install and options Customise check on iAtkos V7 main system -bootloader - none -x86 Patches - decrypters - Apple decrypt -Disabler -OHR -Drivers - VoodooHDA Insalled on drive OSX86 Came back to see it at a blinking screen... Changed bios back to Raid and i got some wording but nothing more than that.... *Prays to the OSX86 gods* i will now attempt an install with Chameleon V2 Installed again, this time default settings with OHR... When on Auto/Raid i got as far as an apple screen (not usual image) and eventually got the O with dash across... with RAID i got as far as a black screen with the text boot0: done boot1: error