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  1. My system- board: Asus P8Z77-V LK (with 1001 BIOS which I patched for sleep ability) gfx: Ati Radeon HD5670, connected to 2560x1440 display via dual link DVI-D cpu: i7 3770K SATA: Win7 hd, Win8 hd, Mac OS X hd (in progress), DVD read\write Hello. I'm a newb to Hackintosh installs and am trying to get Mountain Lion 10.8.3 running. For installation, I used iAtkos ML3U and it went very smoothly.. but I haven't been able to boot up from the harddrive. At the time that it fails, I see some graphical corruption which I think is unusual (though I could be wrong). I have attached the image to the post. For attempted launches, I use the Clover bootloader (which I believe I have as a result of having used iAtkos ML3U - though I don't know how common it is to have it for other reasons because I'm newb). For boot flags, I typically accept the two default flags (which I believe are "npci=0x2000 slide=0") and I add "-f -v" (the "-f" because I think it prevents cached {censored} from {censored} up my tests, and -v to hopefully get a hint why it failed)... and then I variously try other flags and toggling things in the Clover bootloader somewhat randomly. The flags have never helped me get further, but have sometimes caused me to get less far (for instance, it's interesting that "-x" for safe mode causes the boot to fail with a reboot almost immediately). So, my theories at the moment are that perhaps some of my problem is graphics related due to the graphical corruption.. and perhaps I've got some problem related to the hibernated drive which is usually the last thing mentioned in the boot sequence before failure (I doubt it's the reason because I see it as no reason for boot failure, though it is the last thing mentioned). I'm aware that the hibernated drive is probably somehow due to Win8's attempt at fast boots, though I disabled fast boots over a week ago and have shutdown Win8 many times since (and it's still marked as hibernated). My best theory however is that my real problem is something different which I haven't considered. I have occasionally removed my Ati Radeon HD5670 card and instead attempted booting up using my onboard Intel graphics. It generally fails at the same location, though I don't see the graphical corruption. I have re-installed using iAtkos ML3U several times and each time selected different Customization options.. and I haven't had any success with my last couple configurations. Though with an earlier install, I did at one point manage to boot up with the Intel gfx, but couldn't proceed because I only had a PS/2 keyboard and Mac OS X doesn't support it.. I now always select the PS/2 support customization at the time of install. Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated. I'd also be curious why my iAtkos ML3U usb drive only lets me install once, and always fails subsequent installs.. which has necessitated me re-writing it over and over again each time I want to try different customizations in my install. thanks