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  1. Hello fellow users, After replacing a .kext to fix a Wi-Fi issue, every time I reboot, I always get greeted with a boot0: error. Booting up the system with a USB bootloader works fine, but somehow Chameleon (installed on the system) cannot load. Any way to deal with this? Thanks, LZ
  2. [PROBLEM] Mac OS X with Linux boot failure?

    Thanks for your help, but there is NOTHING in the partition. It somehow got wiped. Reinstalling Mavericks now.
  3. [PROBLEM] Mac OS X with Linux boot failure?

    When I booted the USB bootloader, when I tried to find the partition, it cannot find "mach-kernel", that's why it doesn't show up on the bootloader. If the kernel is indeed gone, there is a chance the partition might be damaged, and to put it in English, screwed. You sure this method will work, based on the new info I gave? (Sorry, should have mentioned it earlier)
  4. Hello fellow users, I have a Dell Vostro 220s (Slim Tower) with an Intel 32-bit Pentium with 3 GB of memory. Hard drive is a 160 GB with Mac OS X 10.9.1 and a 500 GB hard drive used for expansion with this configuration. I want to use the 500 GB hard drive for installing a Linux distro (elementary OS), partitioning only 100 GB, which leads to "dual-booting", but when I installed it on the hard drive, and yes, I double checked I didn't format the Mac partition, and rebooted it, I got a boot0 error. My bootloader is Chameleon. When I tried a bootloader from a CD, it couldn't detect ANY partitions in the computer. To to sum it up, how to fix? And if it's even possible to recover my info on the Mac partition, how to properly dual boot Linux and Mac? Thanks, LZ