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  1. boot0/GPT error, "boot1h" fix did not work

    Okey, don't forget to update us and mark the thread as [solved] if it's the case.
  2. boot0/GPT error, "boot1h" fix did not work

    Logical partitions (which are found within extended partitions) are only used in MBR partition table, so mine is MBR. You got rid of os x because of this insignificant detail, I hope you saved your working kexts and DSDT and other configs. Well, I think this should be added in ALL CAPS in every boot0 error solution tutorial. I'm pretty sure a lot of people are doing the same mistake, and it's not mentioned in any tutorial I stumbled upon, all they mention is the 'dd' command and 'boot1h'.
  3. Thank you I searched everywhere for the solution of these 2 problems (black screen after wake up, brightness control) with no hope, you saved me !
  4. boot0/GPT error, "boot1h" fix did not work

    Another update, I got my problem fixed, my mac os x partition was a logical one, ( I checked before and thought it was primary, and that caused me to waste one whole day trying to figure this out ) so all I did was to change it to primary using MiniTool Partition Wizard under Windows and that fixed boot0 error.
  5. boot0/GPT error, "boot1h" fix did not work

    Hi liquidsolistice, I'm in the same boat, tried boot1h method and it's not working. However, I noticed an interesting thing : after I used 'dd' command then booting into OS x using USB installer, I couln't find boot1h in my root OS x installation drive (using ls in terminal), maybe it didn't get copied properly. I'm going to disable journaling and try to use linux to dd boot1h and post back results. [Edit] : I used linux's dd, still the same result "boot0 error", and it seems that dd command copy only records into disk starting from 0.