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  1. Patched AppleACPIPlatform.kext (10.8 - 10.8.5)

    What about this kext for Maveriks ?
  2. ATI 6670 HDA Audio

    Also , I never saw ATI HDMI device in my system . Only ALC HDMI in ealier Vodoo drivers .
  3. ATI 6670 HDA Audio

    Corei7 920 /1333 on ASUSX58 errors run after patching DSDT . All worked with basic tunings of iAtkos , but most audio functions not present. i need 5.1 and SPDIF rear outs and full multichanel audio from 6670 card for LogicX and Pro Tools projects
  4. ATI 6670 HDA Audio

    I don't understand what realy failed my OSXes . I'm restored systems and try http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners-updated-for-mavericks/ . I think something wrong with my grafic card kexts .
  5. ATI 6670 HDA Audio

    Thank You ...But now I try to run my OSXes ...CPU failed to respond to interrupts
  6. ATI 6670 HDA Audio

    Worked some time , but after some passes with kexts and tunings all my OSXes failed (10.8 &10.7 ) ...Core panic and # of core changed every time ...Time mashine not activated , new iAtkos install does't have results
  7. ATI 6670 HDA Audio

    Thank You , i made this in ChampList
  8. ATI 6670 HDA Audio

    Method with Bulrushes had no results . My Iatkos has no control panel for Chameleon , only Champlist . Method with HDA Enablers for ALC889 has no multichannel outputs and Rear SPDIF out ...Only motherboard contacts and 2.0 outputs . May be something wrong?
  9. ATI 6670 HDA Audio

    Thank You , I'm read this post , but i'm realy interested for 6670
  10. ATI 6670 HDA Audio

    I need HDMI multichanel for my 5.1 setup . I need some output edit for correct multchanel Vodoo ALc889 too . Today my system failed after some passes with tunings of audio /// iAtkos is very strange . Most of its options not correct . I'm used MBEAST ML for most devices like video , audio , PS/2 , USB3 , etc...
  11. Dear Friends , can somebody help me to run audio from my 6670 DP/HDMI/DVI card. Im read and have experiments some months , but have no positive results . I nead multichanel audio for my job and hobby . DSDT /SSDT methods is too hard for me . My system is ASUS P8X58D-E ALC889 Vodoo HDA (889 kext not worked correct) ASUS HD6670 iAtkos ML( no AppleHDA )