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  1. Champlist.app.zip



    All in one Chameleon boot arguments and theme changer, smbios.plist editor, kext installer, and DSDT dumper from Awesome Studios
  2. Guide--Creating a OS X installer(Iatkos ML2)from windows only. Note:This guide is for those who don't have access to a mac and for some reasons cannot install the retail image on virtualbox. What you will need:::: 1.A Windows PC. 2.Two USB Flash drives.One of at least 8 GB and the other of atleast 1 GB. 3.dmg2img,Win32diskimager,and bootdiskutility. 4.Last but not the least,an Iatkos_ML2 image based on OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2.(I cannot provide you the link to download Iatkos. You are on your own in downloading this one.) NOTE : Iatkos distributions are the modified copies of Mac OS X made to be able to work on a PC. I STRONGLY ADVISE USE THIS TEMPORARILY to set up OS X on your computer and then create a installer from a LEGACY PURCHASED retail image. For more info on Iatkos visit http://iatkos.me The Steps::::: 1.Connect the 1 GB USB stick on your computer. 2.Run Bootdiskutility,select your USB from the list and click on Format disk.The utility will install clover and chameleon bootloaders on your USB drive. 3.Decompress the dmg2img folder and move the Iatkos_ML2.dmg file in the folder containing the dmg2img.exe file. 4.Right click on the folder containing dmg2img.exe while HOLDING DOWN SHIFT KEY i.e Shift+Right click and select "Open command window here" from the context menu. 5.On the command window type the following without the quotes "dmg2img Iatkos_ML2.dmg" and press enter.This will create a Iatkos_ML2.img file in the same folder.(see screenshot) 6.Now plugin your 8 GB USB drive,Decompress the win32diskimager folder and run the win32diskimager.exe file.Select the Iatkos_ML2.img file created in previous step and your 8 GB USB drive and click on Write.Ignore the warnings.This will write the OS X installer on the USB drive.(see screenshot) 7.Now plugin both your USB drives on the computer on which you want to install OS X.On the boot prompt SELECT THE 1 GB USB DRIVE.Clover bootloader will be loaded and your OS X installer USB will show up on the boot devices list.DONT CLICK DIRECTLY ON THE INSTALLER.CLICK ON "BOOT UEFI MENU FROM CLOVER" FIRST AND THEN SELECT YOUR INSTALLER.Also don't change any of the clover settings. OS X installer must boot now on your computer.You will see that the installer language is in Russian,you can change that easily by clicking on the first box. NOTE:Chameleon bootloader cannot detect the USB created by this method.
  3. And QE/CI is still unsupported.Only the Framebuffer(resolution) and libva(video acceleration) driver works for now. I wonder if someone can port the Linux OpenGL Mesa3D drivers in OS X.
  4. Your's detecting as HD 3000.? Mine is detecting correctly as "Intel HD 2000 Sandy Bridge mobile 288 MB".
  5. Version v3.2.0.2


    HFS+ read only driver for Windows taken from Apple Inc.'s Boot Camp. Installation instructions are provided in the download. Note: Uninstall Paragon HFS+ or any other similar applications before use
  6. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    Oh!try again using clover bootloader.Clover succeeds in cases where even chameleon/chimera fails. You can create clover bootloader from windows.Google"bootdisk utility by cvad".
  7. windows 7 question

    And of course you will need the .iso image of Windows 7.
  8. windows 7 question

    First Install windows 7 first on a blank harddrive with no partitions.Then create a 2nd partition on that drive.Install OS X on that second partition.Chameleon will automatically prompt you to select one OS during booting. And simply copying the windows 7 installer files on the USB drive will not make it bootable.For that you need to create bootsector on your USB.Otherwise your BIOS won't detect it.You can create windows 7 usb using a app "rufus".It's very small and it's good for making bootable USB
  9. NTFS.zip



    Kext for mounting NTFS partitions natively with READ ONLY support. Tested on Mountain Lion 10.8.2.
  10. Version V2


    Unzip the file and install the kexts using your favourite kext utility. Reboot and enjoy full resolution experience. No QE/CI yet. Tested on OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 UPDATE-Uploaded new version which solves the Safari and notification bar stutter problem while scrolling.Safari now working fully without any stutters.
  11. Win32disk imager

    Version V 0.7


    A windows utility to restore mac .dmg and .img image files on USB.Very useful for creating OS X USB installer from Windows without any Mac. Distributed under GNU GPLv2
  12. dmg2img-1.6.4-win32.zip

    Version 1.6.4


    A windows command line utility to convert .dmg images to .img. Distributed under GNU Public License by vu1tur.
  13. Introduce yourself

    Hello all! I am Ratul and I have just built my first hackintosh pc.I created the Iatkos ML2 OS X USB installer using only windows(without any virtualbox or mac).I have posted the tutorial on my profile.If you want to install OS X but dont have access to mac then you can follow that tutorial.