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  1. Tablet PC update

    I'm going to try installing OS X on my Motion LE1600 in the next day or two (whenever the disc image download completes). Its too bad that the digitizer doesn't work under OS X. When I read that OS X was running on a Sony Vaio UX280 - with the digitizer recognized and useable with a pen - I immediately started looking for the cheapest UX280 available. My goal is to be able to do note taking with a pen on a Mac OS X-based device so that my notes can be used without any fussing - like I currently have to do with OneNote under Windows Vista on my Motion LE1600. However, my experience with handwriting recognition (HWR) under OS X Tiger has not been good. I've been using an external Wacom tablet and the experience is so bad as to make me avoid using it. I'm wondering if the upcoming ModBook will carry any improvements so as to make pen-based note taking useable - not just possible. The Sony UX 280 running Mac OS X sounds almost ideal for my needs - though I've never used a passive digitizer so I don't know if the user experience would be at all useable. I guess I'll have to look up the differences between active/passive digitizers. The LE1600 is a solid machine - I've used it under both XP TabletPC edition and Vista - though battery life is poor and it generates quite a bit of heat. Perhaps the Sony UX280 will perform better given its smaller processor. Anyway, I hope to hear some good news from anyone working under OS X on a LE1600!