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  1. boot0 error on USB installer

    This is what I've done. I've done it manually, as well as tried myHack and Pandora's Box. No prevail. What the hell could the issue be? Chameleon /is/ installed on that flash drive.
  2. boot0 error on USB installer

    I don't quite understand, but no matter which I use, it doesn't work. I have tried every possible solution that I see readily available with no prevail. I click boot on the flash drive, it goes to a vga resolution screen with a white underline cursor, I hear my hard drives spin up, and 15 seconds later: boot0: error.
  3. I've tried manually constructing a usb install stick and using the new "Pandora's Box" utility released by this site, and each time I try to boot for installation, i get the error: boot0: error that is literally all that comes up on the display, that line. It comes up with a black screen before that as soon as I select to boot from my flash drive and after about 10 seconds(during which I hear my HDD's spin up and then back down), it displays this error, with none of the other lines I see other people get such as GPT or test). The HDD activity leads me to believe it COULD still be something installed improperly with Chameleon on the stick, I'm just not sure what, or how to go about fixing it further. I do have two WD black 1TB drives in my system, one is empty (for OS X install) and one has Windows 7 on it. I chose boot0md from the Chameleon wizard and no luck after installing it to the drive and attempting to boot again. Nothing seems to fix it that has worked for other folks. Any ideas? (I have successfully done an OS X install before on this machine, using tools which I will not name because I was an ignorant noob who thought they were the originals, so compatibility isn't the issue. The important thing to note is that I used a disc before, not USB) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R CPU: Intel Core i7-930 Sandy Bridge EDIT: When unplugging my Windows drive from my motherboard, I get this screen(yikes, register dump).