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  1. Did anyone get sleep working on the p5n32-e sli plus (650i) board? thanks to the great help from verdant, this is about the only thing missing from my Lion install.
  2. What a great guide!! I got Lion up and running on my p5n32-E Sli Plus in no time. now I'm trying to iron out the post installation kinks. I'm making a DSDT file and got RTC, UID0 in PCI1 (For GFX), DTGP and HPET to compile in DSDTES. don't know if its all working but it seems to be. now LPCB is giving me problems, I get an error whenever i put in LPCB instead of LEG0? (6 Object does not exist errors). Also i get no video signal when i boot up, or in bios. it will return sometimes at random, but mostly just no signal. works fine when i enter OSX, it seems very wired? i can post Logs and a DSDT.aml if needed. again treks for a great guide.