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    !!!!! A lot of people want help with samsung laptops etc etc. Here is the story of my hackintosh! Now then my first plan was using the IATKOS distro. I found out later that my disk was damaged .I started the install it worked up to the 4 minute mark(But my graphics card was not set up anyway). It got to the point whare I was close to giving up . Every guide I read made me more confused at this point I needed a lot of info :help: :hammer: . At last I managed to install. Now at this point I was a hackintosh noob and im still learning . By playing with things like DSDTSE you too can get a fully working hackintosh. bye!!!!!! :happymac: :happymac: :happymac: :happymac:
  2. What will the new version of osx be called?

  3. Possibly if you go to disk utility click on your main hdd (not a partion) you could partion it depends on the install. format it as msdos fat the look for a duel boot tutorial and a driver pack for your laptop then simply follow the tutorial finally install your drivers (may have to use memory stick) also look on mac breaker iatkos guide for extra drivers and fixes.