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    bluenote56 reacted to fantomas in New 10.10.3 public beta [UPDATE: 04/02/2015]   
    second public beta... build 14D105g
    thanks to Allan
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    bluenote56 reacted to Allan in Security Update 2015-02 Available for OS X 10.10, 10.9 and 10.8   
    Because it is beta version yet...
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    bluenote56 got a reaction from Fabio1971 in Aggiornamento OS X Yosemite 10.10.2   
    sono usciti sia i nuovi driver Nvidia 343.02.02f01 che CUDA 6.5.45 se può servire
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    bluenote56 got a reaction from Allan in How to run Windows 10 on your Mac for free   
    Hi, I just would like to tell that to add more features (like USB2) there is the VirtualBox 4.3.20 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.3.20/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.3.20-96996.vbox-extpack (for the suggested 4.3.20 vers.) 
    Everything works like a charm. Ciao
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    bluenote56 reacted to Allan in Show Your OS X Desktop!   
    Original iMac wallpapers Retina!


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    bluenote56 got a reaction from Allan in Show Your OS X Desktop!   
    I founded some.. hope you like it too..
    hi-reszip added

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    bluenote56 reacted to Allan in How to run Windows 10 on your Mac for free   
    Cool man! 
    We can make this same thing with the final version (i hope)!
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    bluenote56 got a reaction from Allan in How to run Windows 10 on your Mac for free   

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    bluenote56 got a reaction from Allan in How to run Windows 10 on your Mac for free   
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    bluenote56 reacted to Allan in How to run Windows 10 on your Mac for free   
    One of the selling points of a Mac these days is the ability to run Windows software on it, via virtualization or Apple’s own Boot Camp. Running Windows lets you play PC games that haven’t been ported to the Mac, or stay completely compatible with your documents from a PC-centric workplace. Virtualization software like Parallels or VMWare Fusion (two of the best apps to run Windows software on your Mac without partitioning your hard drive for Boot Camp) isn’t free, though these applications do allow you to try before you buy. Windows 8.1, the current version of Microsoft’s operating system, will run you about $120 for a plain-jane version. You can run the next-gen OS from Microsoft (Windows 10) on your Mac using virtualization for free, however. We took a quick run at doing just that, as originally sussed out by the fantastic folks over at iMore.
    Grab that virtual box

    We’re going to use a free, open source bit of emulation software called VirtualBox, from Oracle. It’s pretty robust and works almost as well as the more costly solutions like Parallels or VMWare Fusion, so you can get a taste of things without having to bust out the credit card. Head on over to the VirtualBox webpage, and click on the Download link over to the left. You’ll want to choose the latest VirtualBox version (4.3.20 as of this writing) for OS X hosts x86/amd64. Once downloaded, you can launch and install the app, which will get you ready to roll with Windows 10. Get Windows 10 for free To get a free, legal copy of Windows 10 Technical Preview, you’ll need to sign up with your Microsoft account (or create one in the process) for the Windows Insider Program. The process takes a couple of minutes, and it’s free as well. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to download an ISO file that acts just like an inserted install disk. You’ll want to download the 64 bit version of file in the language you want Windows to run in. The instructions at the Technical Preview page tell you to move the file to a USB drive and then install from there, but you don’t need to–I installed it just fine from the file on my Mac’s hard drive. Now you’ll want to launch VirtualBox. Click on the blue New star button at the top, and click through the default settings. You’ll first give the newly created virtual environment a name and choose the Windows Type and then Windows 8.1 (64 bit) from the two drop-down menus. Name it something clever, like “Windows 10’ if you like.
    Install the virtual disk on the virtual hard drive

    Next you’ll need to choose the size of your virtual hard drive. I left this at the default 2 GB setting, but you can increase it by moving the little slider to the right. Avoid a size that hits in the yellow or red zone, or you may have issues with running both OS X and Windows at the same time. Allow VirtualBox to create a virtual hard drive using the default setting. Simply click on Create, then let it make a VirtualBox Disk Image, or VDI, on the next screen. I let it create a dynamically allocated hard drive, since that was the default option, as well. Give your new hard drive image a name (VirtualBox will choose the name you gave the environment in the first place – it’s ok to let this stand), and then find a size that fits well on your hard drive. I left it at the default 25 GB setting, and then clicked on Create. You’ll now have a virtual environment to install Windows onto. Click the green Start arrow, and then click on the little folder icon to choose the ISO you downloaded from Microsoft above. You’ll have an option to Capture your mouse within the environment, and then you’ll find out that your host OS (OS X) allows for mouse pointer integration. Just click on the Continue buttons here.
    Rock the Windows install

    After you click Next on the Windows Setup window, you’ll need to click Install Now and then accept the license terms. If you didn’t move the ISO to a USB drive, choose the second option when asked what kind of installation you want: Custom Install. Click Next when you see the Disk 0 Unallocated Space screen, and then click through the rest of the Windows installation prompts. As soon as all the Windows installation fooferah finishes up, you’ll be running Windows 10 on your Mac. You can hit Command-F to go full screen and trick anyone into thinking you’re running a Windows machine (except your Macbook looks way better than most PCs). You can now install Steam or other PC games, or just mess around with the new OS. Enjoy!
    Source: Cult of Mac
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    bluenote56 reacted to fantomas in Nvidia Web Driver updates for Yosemite [UPDATE: 07/21/2017]   
    it does not work with build 14C99d   
    ok, I just modded (edited) a little bit vanilla kexts, now it works fine... again  


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    bluenote56 got a reaction from frankiee in Pre-release OS X Yosemite 10.10.2   
    Yes you're right. I don't use my main HD to test and since I use my build to work at home (audio/video) I agree with you. I'm ready to pay for a good OS as I've being doing for many years buying Apple products till they changed from PPC to Intel. Then I entered the Hackintosh world and I must say I could save a lot of money and have great machines to work with. But every coin has two sides so also the hackintosh world has its price I mean we must always work on it. It's not for the everyday user by my point of view. Just an opinion of course. Ciao
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    bluenote56 reacted to frankiee in Pre-release OS X Yosemite 10.10.2   
    Yeah, but frankly I would rather pay $20 or even more if Apple would invest more in their QC and deliver a relatively bug free experience. Most of the problems are not hackintosh specific anyways and therefore no real extra challenge imho. Also do not forget that there are also people who do actual work with their machines!  I like tinkering with my hack (but not toooo much), but that does not pay my bills
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    bluenote56 reacted to fantomas in OS X Yosemite 10.10.2: Final version is out! (UPDATE 01/27/2015)   
    a second public beta has been released
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    bluenote56 got a reaction from chris1111 in GA Z68X-UD3H-B3 Yosemite Installation (Success)   
    Hi I’m posting this hoping it can be useful for the owners of a GA Z68X UD3 HB3 motherboard.
    I’ve been trying to install Yosemite on this system for a long time without success since I always got stuck on the usual PCI configuration begin etc..
    I was using my Yosemite Chameleon USB that I had prepared following the guide by chris1111 here in the forum and that I had already used with success on my GA Z77X UP4 TH.
    Well after reading everywhere to search for a solution, I eventually succeeded in installing it still on F12 Bios and without Clover, using old AppleACPIPlatform.kext from 10.9.5  and installing it on my USB Yosemite with Kext Wizard.
    Then I rebooted again from the USB, chose the new Yosemite HD and as soon as I reached the desktop I installed latest Chameleon boot loader. Then after the usual Apple procedure and always with Kext Wizard, I installed the following Kexts: AppleACPIPlatform.kext (from 10.9.5), NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, RealtekRTL8111.kext, GenericUSBXHCI.kext, AppleHDA.kext and HDAEnabler1.kext for sound (from 10.9.5).
    With ChameleonWizard I set as in pic 1 and chose MacPro 3,1 definition.
    Don’t forget to put <key>Kernel</key>
    instead of mach kernel
    Then with Kext Utility repair all and reboot.
    It works like a charm.
    Of course create a new folder on your Yosemite installation USB with all the kexts and utilities to copy/use on your new Yosemite HD. I didn’t change anything in Bios settings from Mavericks.
    Hope it helps and that I didn't forget anything. Good hack.
    edit: in case someone needs, I put also my kexts. 

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    bluenote56 got a reaction from mschilling in Pre-release OS X Yosemite 10.10.2   
    Yes, they have changed and I'm someone who got addicted to Mac for professional reasons, many many years ago. Actually, though bugs or whatever OSX is still unbeatable. I must face Win 8.1 almost everyday for my job and I would burn it and his father in a public square.
    Btw hackintosh is the greatest thing that could happen to me for passion, work and fun.
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    bluenote56 reacted to fantomas in CUDA-Z Info+Bench (Nvidia only) - updated Dec 2015   
    New CUDA-Z 0.9.231 release is out

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    bluenote56 reacted to fantomas in OS X Yosemite 10.10.2: Final version is out! (UPDATE 01/27/2015)   
    it's the same beta as that for developers, just the build name is changing

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    bluenote56 reacted to Wayang-NT in Pre-release OS X Yosemite 10.10.2   
    new seed ... build 14C78c
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    bluenote56 got a reaction from faithie999 in Can't get HD3000 to work on installed Yosemite   
    thanks anyway but it doesn't work for me and I got stuck during the boot process.. I just got an HD 2000 with 7 mb before instead of HD 3000 512 as in 10.9.2
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    bluenote56 reacted to artur_pt in Pre-release OS X Yosemite 10.10.2   
    about the patches for the wifi .. give a little time .. what can i say and u confirm is the kext are changed.. something is all change .. like u see applehda also changed
    so what i assume is the binary change .. one of the wifi problems solved .. the handoff sure is a question of time..
    my graphics are faster..
    noticed new safari version 8.0.2 .. only today have a little more time to work with this build..
    good hack
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    bluenote56 reacted to mitch_de in Nvidia Web Driver updates for Yosemite [UPDATE: 07/21/2017]   
    Sorry, i deleted that post.
    Using OpenCL Framework from 10.9.5 fixed that preview issue - but by disabling OpenCL complete
    So other (most benches) OpenCL apps like Luxmark, OpenCL Oceanwaves Bench cant run anymore.
    But thats not an major prob, if you use that disabling OpenCL method - ist not really needed because CPU is used
    for that tasks, normally acellerated by OpernCL gpu. 
    I restored the Framework - but i think there is less hope to fix that prob without disabling OpenCL complete (with some gpu types)
    Would be interesting which similar lowend Nvidia gpus (like my GT 440), 740/750? perhaps didnt have that prob.
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    bluenote56 reacted to crusher in Nvidia Web Driver updates for Yosemite [UPDATE: 07/21/2017]   
    Do you fix that problem?If you solve,how?
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    bluenote56 reacted to uglyJoe in WireLurker: A New Era in OS X and iOS Malware   
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    bluenote56 got a reaction from Allan in OS X 10.10.1 Beta 2 update to developers and AppleSeed users.   
    Geekbench score gave me about 38 points more with HD 3000 working but i's not so important I think. The performance seems pretty similar to what it was before. Btw my Apple Store Graphics have changed..