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    bluenote56 reacted to MinusZwei in Enoch   
    Question is: what have you exactly done?
    I have re-created a complete set of USB sticks to install all Mac OS X / OS X / macOS version (from Lion to Mojave), all using the latest Enoch.
    1. Make sure that your USB stick is partitioned with a GUID scheme, containing 1 single HFS+ partition
    2. Install Enoch on the stick at the last stage (i.e. after macOS installed is ready)
    3. Use the following commands to install Enoch (as root):
       # fdisk440 -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdiskX (where X is the drive number corresponding to your USB stick)
       # dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXs2
       # cp boot /Volumes/InstallerStick
       # cp -R Extra /Volumes/InstallerStick
    I never used the Enoch installer, since it is so easy to install...
    ...and I always the 'Extra' folder ready for my configuration.
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    Clover is a complicated bootloader. Enoch bootloader is the best for my Rampage MOBO with LGA2011. I love you guys for your great work to keep updating this bootloader and keep our hackintosh alive with High Sierra.  
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    Try to follow the steps described by MinusZwei in the chameleon/enoch topic
    maybe can be useful for your issue
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    I am so glad someone is still maintaining Chameleon. Hopefully I can get some time to work on some helpful documentation, it's been a long time since we last had a documentation flush out and with so many new features and abilities its sure to take some time to write it all out!
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    Thanks again for this "TouchOfMagic"..Just updated to Sierra my main SSD from El Capitan. I was going mad for the black screen I was getting. It was my fault. Wrong SMbios. Changed to IMac 14.2 and bang it works perfectly now. 
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    it works perfectly
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    Ciao I just would like to let you know that thanks to Enoch and the work of the stuff here my super old custom built hackintosh with a P5BW-LA mobo (Basswood-socket 775) is up and running El Capitan (beta 2 update).. Thanks
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    Hi, I could eventually install El Capitan with Enoch and boot. Now I must fix all the issues (my own system related) but I wanted to let you know I succeeded in using it as a bootloader on my build. Thanks
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    thanks so much Micky1979 I'll try later with the different options