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  1. HP 15bs059nl High Sierra

    Grazie innanzitutto per l'aiuto. Poi.. devo dire che mi sento un pò incapace. Ho provato ad installare piu' volte Clover esattamente con il settaggio solo uefi e non mi installa nulla nella partizione efi ma direttamente sull' hd. ??? Ho provato anche a fare l' installazione legacy con boot0ss e se provo mi da errore boot0ss....vorrei solo evitare di reinstallare tutto da capo anche perchè mi sembra illogico. Sto sbagliando qualcosa io altrimenti dovrebbe funzionare. Ti allego una slide di quello che succede dopo l'ennesima installazione solo uefi.
  2. HP 15bs059nl High Sierra

    Ricapitolando, ho provato varie volte ad installare il sistema operativo e Clover. Non riesco a fare il boot da hd senza l' errore indicato. Dove sbaglio? Non essendo pratico con Clover non ho idea di dove mettere le mani. Su gli altri desktop su cui ho installato High Sierra non ho avuto problemi. Prima di procedere ad ottimizzare il tutto (audio, luminosità, ecc..) è cruciale che riesca a risolvere questo errore. Mi potete dare un' indicazione su come procedere gentilmente? se serve potrei fare un upload di quello che serve. Grazie mille.
  3. HP 15bs059nl High Sierra

    Scherzavo nei termini.. ho riformattato tutto e fatto installazione ex novo
  4. HP 15bs059nl High Sierra

    Giustamente, colpa mia, ho provato prima EFI, poi ho raso tutto al suolo e installato nella ESP.
  5. HP 15bs059nl High Sierra

    Salve, grazie a guide e consigli della parte in lingua inglese del sito sono riuscito ad installare High Sierra sul laptop HP che appare anche in firma. Ho però un problema principale abbastanza sgradevole. Non riesco a fare il boot da pc (boot0Af error)ma solo da penna usb, malgrado abbia installato Clover come indicato. Premetto che su clover sono fortemente ignorante visto che ho sempre usato Enoch. Credo che il fatto di avere un hd da 1 tb con 4096 sectors invece di 512 possa essere importante (partizione guid 500 gb win- 500 gb mac), ma sinceramente brancolo nel buio. Vorrei evitare di ricominciare tutto da capo rischiando di fare un buco nell'acqua perchè sbaglio. Mi date cortesemente qualche indicazione o suggerimento? Grazie mille
  6. I must do something wrong. I strictly followed your instructions, installing Clover as you said (picture)in esp . I always get a boot0 error and I'm forced to boot from usb. I don't know why. Actually I can say that everything works but bluetooth and wifi (of course) and that I can't adjust brightness though I installed Native display. Buttons work (shift F1 and F2) but nothing changes but this thing it's a p.i.t.a. I would like to boot from laptop. Thanks for your help as usual.
  7. I did it but now I get a boot0ss error-. I must say I have a 1 TB hd with 2 guid partitions, one for win 10 and one for HS with Phy Block 4096. Don't know if this can be related. Btw with the ext usb pen they both boot perfectly. I fixed audio with Pandora (not very loud volume but it's ok for now).
  8. Nothing changed. I must say that I must always start from usb since I can't boot from hd since I get a boot0af error (the other critic issue) I don't know if it can influence or not. EDIT: wow I could finally get intel HD Graphics 630 GT2 1536MB with Full QE/CI following some youtube suggest. Great. Now I just need to fix audio and mainly the issue with boot0af error (hard disk with 4096 byte sectors instead of 512 byte ones). Any suggest would be pure gold. Thanks
  9. Thank you so much. Here it is. You will see I have also many other issues cause I'm afraid I didn't adjust it well. http://www116.zippyshare.com/v/6zilZci6/file.html
  10. Hi MaLd0n can you help me with my laptop? Main issue is I'm not able to get full accelaration on HD 620. As you know I followed your guide and I could install High Sierra but now though I tried many times to fix it I need your help to go on. Thanks. (can't upload directly cause of -200 error)
  11. hp 15bs059nl macOs installation

    Hi MaLd0n I'm sorry but since the issue with uploading is still here could you please give me some help at least with enabling full acceleration with HD 620 and maybe explain to a Clover newbe how to fix the boot0Af error with Clover? Thank you. Actually I can't use the laptop..If it can help I can upload a new link for the collected send me files
  12. hp 15bs059nl macOs installation

    well in the meanwhile if you have time.. here is the link to send me files. Thank you https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Mosgzff5NSkKsJqkS-TSjbj3hYKVZBnO/view?usp=sharing
  13. hp 15bs059nl macOs installation

    ok thanks well I suppose I must wait for now till I'll be able to upload the files and fix all the issues with your help.
  14. hp 15bs059nl macOs installation

    Hi, as I already told you thanks to your suggests I could install High Sierra. Now this is the situation. (10.13.3 (17D102)). Main problems. 1) I'm not able to fix the HD 620 (only 4 mb shown in System profiler and no acceleration. 2 I can't boot without the usb clover installation pen (I suppose since I have a 1 TB hd ) as I get a bott0af error. Then I have minor problems like audio only with Voodoo but so low you can hardly hear a sound and some minor issues. Btw I'm not really used to Clover and I did my best but without help I'm afraid I get stuck here. I hope I didn' t make a mess while waiting for the brand new site. I attach the files as you told me (don't know why I don't see the last post anymore). Thanks in advance for your help. Edit: I can't upload I get a -200 error
  15. hp 15bs059nl macOs installation