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  1. boot0/GPT error, "boot1h" fix did not work

    Oh, there was nothing to my install. With iAtkos, all I need to check is the NVidia drivers and everything else works perfectly out of the box, no special stuff needed. I guess I got lucky that way . I'll install it again later on and give that a shot.
  2. boot0/GPT error, "boot1h" fix did not work

    DAMN it. Was that what it was? I never bothered to check that (and I'm pretty sure I made it a logical partition). I gave up and got rid of OS X because I thought it was an MBR vs GPT issue and that you couldn't properly install bootloaders for OS X on an MBR partition. I guess I need to give this a shot again when I have some time. Do you know if your partition table is MBR or GPT?
  3. boot0/GPT error, "boot1h" fix did not work

    Hello again, I've been banging my head against the wall trying to get this to work. I formated as FAT32 and tried to install Clover, but I just get a black screen with a blinking cursor. Also, I'm unsure what you mean by "correct settings using instructions given in Clover forums on Insanelymac;". I
  4. boot0/GPT error, "boot1h" fix did not work

    So I'm about to try this today. I happened to open up the "Customize" settings and I noticed that by default it's installing the UEFI bootloader. Does that matter? I don't have a UEFI mobo. Can you clarify what you mean by "resize my partitions"? Do you mean just decrease the partition size by a few megs? Thank you for your patience with me, I genuinely appreciate it.
  5. boot0/GPT error, "boot1h" fix did not work

    I've done the fix no less than ten times. I used the iATKOS installer, unmounted in the disk utility, used the terminal, took note of what I named the device and what the hard drive's identifier was, everything. I'm not new to the command line at all. I get successful record processing messages each time. Well this seems promising . I'll try it out and let you all know. I grabbed the Clover package from here: http://clover.inmac.org/ I used the latest package (r1211) and installed it. When I rebooted, the GPT errors were gone, but that blasted boot0 error came right back . I apologize, I wish I knew better what I was doing. I've spent hours getting things in Linux to work, but I don't even know where to start with this. Do I need to do the boot1h fix with Clover as well? If so, is it a different file? I'm also concerned that my upgrade to 10.8.3 might be an issue. I appreciate all of you helping me, I'm very grateful for these amazing tools that people have given us for free.
  6. boot0/GPT error, "boot1h" fix did not work

    My desktop is older and isn't UEFI, would that be a problem?
  7. Hello. After a long time, I decided to dive in to Hackintoshes again. Today, I successfully installed iAtkos ML2 on my HP HPE170f desktop. Everything works great, it's incredibly smooth, and has been a lot of fun to use. After installing, I updated to 10.8.3 using the built-in updater (after seeing someone else have success with it). It worked a treat for me. I didn't realize though until an hour ago that I was still booting off the iAtkos USB I made, so I decided to remove it, received a one-line error "boot0:error". I Googled, and found the guide that you will most likely tell me to try; the one where you pull out the boot1h file out of the Chameleon or Chimera pkg, drop it on a second USB, reboot into the installer, unmount, dd= , the whole shebang. Each time I do it, it tells me it has successfully copied. The error has now changed slightly, instead of just one line telling me boot0 error, there are also a few lines that say "GPT". But it will always stop there. Things to note: Before messing with the boot1h fix, I attempted to manually install Chimera (once through the tool that as I understand is not acceptable to mention around here, and once through the standalone installer) After getting frustrated with the repeated error, I also tried to directly install Chameleon. I made sure the USB that I stored the boot1h file on was formatted to HFS+ The boot1h file was placed at the root of the USB stick. I have a 1TB Hitachi drive. I have no idea what the current sector size is (or how to tell). This is quite literally the only slight stumbling block on my way to Hackintosh perfection. I am very, very pleased at the way it's running, and to be honest, this isn't really a huge problem, but it is an annoyance that any time I restart or turn on (not that I do often) that I need to have the USB installer present. If any more information is needed, please let me know. I feel that I have covered everything thus far. but it's possible I missed something. Thank you all for your time.