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  1. Ozmosis

    Try it without fakesmc sensor plugins or try to put another version of fakesmc into the bios
  2. Minimize size of DSDT

    Hmm ok... But thank you anyway
  3. Minimize size of DSDT

    Sorry but thats not right. I now already got it to the right size by leaving out Hdmi audio and removing some if statements that are only true when older Windows is used, so thats not needed. Maybe something more like this to remove? I also wanna integrate some more patches, so really need more space.
  4. Minimize size of DSDT

    Ok thank you for this... but thats really much to read Cant you maybe just say if something can be made smaller?
  5. Minimize size of DSDT

    Hey, I wanna integrate my patched DSDT into bios but for that the DSDT has to become smaller. I extracted it directly from a bios file and fixed the errors and added DTGP method and patches for audio and HDMI audio. The edited DSDT has a size of 43.272 byte but it has to be 42.720 byte or smaller, thats the size of the original one. So please take a look at my DSDT and tell me if something can be left out, but it should work with Windows too. Thanks in advance DSDTs-Baerhund.zip