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  1. Hi onejay, I know is for laptops, but I have the same laptop problem. On wake from sleep the slider bar for brightness in Display Preferences does not work. I can slide it, but no effect. The brightness is locked on the monitor and cannot control via Apple Keyboard. Im getting desperate as I tried the brightness app posted and it didn't work. I really think because I have an older mDP Cinema Display, the brightness app does not work as it relies on a certain protocol. This is why I am treating my Hackintosh as a Nvidia Laptop. Same problem. Can you please help me. Im trying to understand your script, but I don't know how to change the AppleDisplay to AppleBackLightDisplay for your script or kext to work. Can you please take a look and help me? Really appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h4tr8kpg4m1a2gg/AAAtqLVSqU5dxqDWDy1Jh9xXa?dl=0 For some reason, I couldn't upload my Clover folder here as it had an upload error.
  2. Anyone able to please help? I strongly suspect this is an USB power/imbalance issue but I don't know how to fix it.
  3. Hi guys, I have a 27 inch mDP Cinema Display attached to my desktop Hack.My USB speakers are distorted, as they crackle and pop. This also happens when selecting 'Display Audio' too from the monitor. However, when I select the 'LED Cinema Display' option, audio is perfect.Can someone tell me why this is the case. Is this a USB or Audio issue for my hack. Thank you.I have attached my IO Reg and Clover files. Please help me. Much appreciated for your time. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h4tr8kpg4m1a2gg/AAAtqLVSqU5dxqDWDy1Jh9xXa?dl=0 Wolfie MacPro909.zip
  4. I don’t have a hdmi monitor connected. It really is strange, that it works fresh on boot but gets affected after it wakes up. NVRAM and any sleep settings haven’t really changed. Does Darkwake status make a difference?
  5. I appreciate your help. Im sorry, it didn't work. I also had to disable 'Drop OEM' otherwise it wouldn't boot (circle with line running through it). Any other ideas? I also noticed, that when I disconnect the monitor from the 1080ti (DisplayPort) and reconnect it after it wakes up, the brightness works.
  6. Hi Allan, have you had a chance to take a look at this yet? Thank you.
  7. Hi onejay, I have an issue with my Apple cinema displays not working with my desktop hackintohes with brightness. They work on fresh boot does do not work on wake from sleep (the brightness is fixed from pre sleep level). All other functions of keyboard and monitor are ok except brightness. I have a feeling it has something to do with the issues in this thread. Can you please guide me, in baby steps, on how to implement your patch? I have AppleDisplay in IO and I dont know how or where to change it before applying your patch. Thank you.
  8. Ok here we go. Thanks! https://www.dropbox.com/s/spsbszssrhe9rtb/Wolfie.zip?dl=0
  9. Edit, sorry I just cant upload it with the upload error.
  10. Thank you. I hav run it (after it has woken from sleep) so when the brightness isn't working. However, I am getting a -200 file upload error and I dont know why Can I email it to you?
  11. Thanks, unfortunately it didn't work (followed instructions on system. pref. too).Thing is, brightness used to work all the time (and it still works on fresh boot). Not sure if its an High Sierra issue, Clover, NVRAM.
  12. Hi Allan, I have run the terminal app multiple times and rebooted to no success. Ive also ensured I do not have the EMUVariable driver. I still have the problem where brightness is fixed to what it was prior to sleep. I find it hard to believe this is just me experiencing it. Do you have any other suggestions?
  13. Thank you for your reply. I have the latest clover and Nvidia boot drivers (along with latest shiki, Nvidiagraphicsfixup, and Lilu. Do I type this in clover boot screen or just in terminal in macOS? I have added my clover folder (minus all identifying system numbers). Im not sure if there is something related to NVRAM or EMUVariable (do I need it and is it related?) EDIT: Im struggling to upload the zipped file of Clover. It seems to hang in 'Queued
  14. Hi guys, Cant work out whats going on. In all my years of hackintosh, haven't had this issue until now (was even stable until the last point update).I have 2x Apple 27inch Cinema Displays hooked up to my PC. I use the Apple bluetooth keyboard without issue.On fresh boot, brightness keys control the monitor brightness no problem. On wake from sleep, I either get no movement of the bars for brightness on the screen (it just shows as a circle) or I get my near full brightness with the level but it is fixed in that one position on the screen. The brightness level is fixed to the level that was prior to sleep. I dont see it as a USB issue as the keyboard works fine for everything else. It seems to be a software glitch but I dont know how for where to look. Could it be an NVRAM issue? A Clover issue?Any ideas? Thank you. I have a 1080ti on a 67700k Z170 Gigabyte Designaire board.
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    Thank you very much Slice. So how do I remove this 'Debug' state? Much appreciated.