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  1. i have pached the dsdt for my asus p5b to fix a strange issue (when i reboot the system wont restart, after -x -v restart) i have update the bootloader first with chameleon wizard and after edit org.chameleon.boot plist download this 2 file, put in /Extra (after show hide files) and after with kext wizard repair extra delete disabler.kext in /Extra/extension repair extra....for now it work god on shutdown and restart but i test in the next days.... for now boot whit -f in chameleon wizard work... (i have update the nvram in extra with nvram 1.1.3) OK IT WORK!!!! (TEST IT FOR 3 DAYS) -f solved the restart issue (blocked on grey apple screen) ASUS P5B DSDT_pached.zip
  2. if everyone have a kernel panik after installation dont worry simply boot with -x -v, after (also if your hd led show nothing) reboot normally if you use carbon clone copy rember to reinstall ghimera and reapir extra, cache all kext with kext wizard for now dont make security update or the system wont but if you have a grey apple screen and wont load try whit: arch=i386 (you can add this permanent with chameleon wizard) and in chameleon wizard, in org.chameleon.boot, if are present, deselect npci=0x2000 and kernel mack_kernel it work for me after installation of cs4 and davinci resolve (after installation of davinci resolve my system loading automatically CUDA driver)
  3. AFTER 15 INSTALLATION, FINALLY HACKINTOSH osx leopard 10.6.8 quadro 400 (sorry for my bad english)!!! HP NVIDIA QUADRO 400 FULL RESOLUTION, QE/CI FULLY ACCELERATED, ALL PERFECT!!!!! i hope this guide can help to have a perfect hackintosh on this configuration (audio - ethernet - front row - time machine - usb - QE/CI perfect enable and full functionally!) MY PC ASUS P5B ( intel core2duo e8400 2 gb ram hd eide 40gb (my test hard disk!!!) dvd rom lg Hp Nvidia quadro 400 512 mb ram USB KEYBOARD cooler master tablet pen and mouse WACOM graphire 3 xl ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - you need: iatkos S3 v2 kext wizard chameleon wizard ghimera 2.0.1 mulbiebleast 3,10,1 snow leopard edition combo update 10.6.8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIOS DEFAULT + USB LEGACY ENABLE + PLUG PLAY OS ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 - install iatkos s3 v2 whit this setting: system chameleon v2 rc5 graphic enabler extra directory fake smc disabler evo rebot sleep enabler sata ahci, ide, j micron sound voodoo hda 10.6.2 realtek rtl 8168 your languahe 2 - boot if not boot try to reinstall bootloader from iatkos in the main menu (top bar) now install ghimera 2.0.1 reboot 3 - go to utilty and click on show hide files open chameleon wizard, go to org.chameleon.bot list and select. GUI graphic enabler use ati rom graphic mode (my monitor is 1280x1024x32) select your native monitor resolution usb fix all chek (for my frontal panel usb) after save to finder now open your hd and you see a folder called extra in this folder put your file created in finder now open kext wizard and reapir extra and rebuild mxet reboot....NOW YOU HAVE A FULLY QUADRO 400...HAPPY!!! install combo update 10.6.8 (download from apple not from software update) dont reboot !!!!! open mulbiebleast 3.10.1 snow leopard edition and select easyblast install rebuild caches repair permission audio voodoohda 0.2.72 disk 3rd partysata esata jmicron x36 themes bonymgx86 glassic network realtek evoreboot fakesmac iousb family rollback nullcpu powermanagemet ghimera1,7 show all files after go to keext wizard and reapir permission and cache go to extra folder (thi is very important) and in extension delete sleepenabler reboot, cross finger and you have your hackintosh machine!!!!!!!!!
  4. HP Nvidia Quadro 400

    SOLVED!!!!!! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288189-100-working-osx-1068-on-asus-p5b-e8400-quadro-400/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- today i have change my video card (ati x1300 sapphire) with a hp quadro 400, and my system 10,6,3 recognized very great the graphic card qe/ci enabled, info e rom recognized very well, but when i start itunes video effect or fullscreen youtube video the application crash.... when i resolve this issue i post my solution... EDIT: SOLVED!!!!! now i have full quadro 400 on 10.6.8!!!!! i write a guide for this configuration: asus p5b e8400 now i test the system..... im very very happy because my concept of hackintosh is a machine to work every day whit pro software... ithink my system is 100% working and stable but....i do a strong test for the nest days and after i write a full detailed guide... the secret is ghimera 2.0.1 and 32 bit mode boot, in the next days after is all ok i format and repeated my procedure... my quadro wor working have a dvi to vga converter because dvi to dvi not work (seven pro and hackintosh) i buy this card on ebay...
  5. hi fantomas1 ! from 2 weeks i tri to install iatkos s3 v2 on this configuration. i have the correct setting for custom installation (yestarday i have installed a pci card firewire 800 and 400 with chip texas instrument) work plug and play on leopard and on snow leopard (because the chip is texas instrument the best for apple and hackintosh) the audio work, time machine work, front row work (but after varoius kext tried today nont work) the problem is that the ati x1300 for the system is an ati hd4890 whit 256mb but no QE/CI (front row work) and resolution blocked on 1024x768 i have fixed the square mouse pointer problem whith 2 kext but no QE/CI and resolution (dashboard have ripple effect) the combo update gave me kernel panic (i tried myhack and #####) the system is perfect (after fixed mouse problem similar to itakosv7 installation but whit other kext pached) for internet navigation and little software but no for me iv tried to install houdini 12 and partially work! i have render some little frame from pyro module but the software is not usable... for me the problem is: the graphic card ati x1300 and the combo update i try to instal about 10 times
  6. HACKINTOSH osx leopard 10.5.8 (sorry for my bad english)!!! im a graphic designer and i utilise my hackintosh for job (i have tested all cs4, shake and many software) i hope this guide can help to have a perfect hackintosh on this configuration THIS GUIDE FIX TIME MACHINE mac address problem (audio - ethernet - front row - time machine - usb - QE/CI perfect enable and full functionally!) MY PC ASUS P5B (but tested also on p5b-e with firewire) intel core2duo e8400 2 gb ram hd eide 80gb dvd rom lg ATI SAPPHIRE x1300 256 pci-e USB KEYBOARD cooler master tablet pen and mouse WACOM graphire 3 xl ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - you need: iatkos v7 kext helper uinstaller osx86tools some kext combo update 10.5.8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIOS DEFAULT + USB LEGACY ENABLE + PLUG PLAY OS CONNECT YOU MONITOR ON VGA NO DVI!!!!!!! (dvi not work on ati x1300 for this guide) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 - boot from iatkosv7 2 - format hd guid mac os journaled 3 - select this customization: unchek all and select: (if you have a ps2 mouse or keyboard you need to select the correct ps2 decrypter but i dont rember) iatkos v7 system chameleon v2 extra dir dsdt dsmos (note: DONT SELECT KERNEL if you have core2duo e8400 or similar. If your cpu is a PENTIUM D 945 (tested!) select 9.7 voodo) apic driver disabler ohr remove tymce ahci intel sata sata ide j micron sata/ide voodo hda driver realtek r1000 select your langage post instal action ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TADAAA!!! enjoy intro video!! ( insert a password when register you account or kext helper dont work...) but the mouse have a strange square icon....dont worry! kext_guide_2013.zip 1- open kext helper 2 - drag and drop natitx1300.kext and instal- 3 - open uinstaller and select your hd 4 - select your boot native resolution for the monitor (ex my lcd work at native 1280x1024) 5 - REBOOT NOW YOUR ATI X1300 is fully functional rotate, quartz extreme, core image , open gl - rotation and selectable resolution work this is for leopard a great graphic card... it work best in photoshop to rotate screen in open gl and i have tested for 2 years on all professional software (shake final cut cs4 suite lightwave houdini etc..) now its time to update... download and instal combo update 10.5.8 reboot the system reboot again automaticaly ok you have a 10.5.8 but time machine e front row dont work - time machine error mac address and front row for apple trailer is non internet connected but you navigate in internet! dont worry... this is a strange think i have found to fix..... open OSX86tools and restore to default reboot 1 - kext helper instal iousbfamilykext 2 - open uinstaller and fix time machine 3 - reboot CONGRATULATION YOU HAVE time machine , front row fixed !!!!!! ONLY STOP DONT WORK but its normal on this hackintosh now you can make all the apple update!!!!!!! before this setting i have tried 30 installation, this guide on my configuration work at 100% today attach kext for this guide