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  1. now i'm running on iAtkos ML2 (OSX 10.8.3) and i have app "garage band' , can i connect my Real Guitar using cable to the PC for Garage band? because i want to make a song using that app. So is it possible?
  2. That's screenshot i get from About this mac. So why it happened? Actually i have 2 pieces of 1 GB RAM that installed on 2 slot RAM in my Motherboard. 1 GB in slot one and 1 GB in slot two. If i'm using windows it recognize 2 GB not only 1 GB like in the mackintosh. So i think the problem is in the hackintosh software or system maybe. So what should i do?
  3. Installing iAtkosML2

    sorry in Hackintosh there isn't any 100% SAME guide instalation, because it depends with the hardware spec, condition , etc. SO u must try it and prepare a lot time to do this because it can takes a long time to finished. Because it is not like installing windows u can meet many errors and problems too. Goodluck and don't forget to pray and never to give up!
  4. Waiting For DSMOS take long time

    sorry mister i was made a mistake, now i have already insert my signature which is contaning information about my specification. so can u help me?
  5. I have already succes run ML using iA***tkos L2 but when i boot i often got Waiting For DSMOS for a long time, so because it takes long time i restart my PC and then sometime it became fast to past/complete Waiting For DSMOS message. So what's wrong with my mackintosh?
  6. doesn't work i was try "graphics mode"="1366x768x32" then i try http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/202013-beta-universal-46xx-install-package/page__gopid__1361074?do=findComment&comment=1361074 but same, it doesn't work.
  7. Netkas PC EFI v10.5

    How to install this? i have already got chameleon bootloader, but i want to use this.
  8. now i can boot, thanks for reply. but how to make Resolution become 1366x768 ? can u tell me? because if i search on internet they said i must use PCEFI bootloader, but i'm already using chameleon. how to do that?
  9. Here is my specification INTEL DUAL CORE E5400 RAM 1 GB (2 PCS) ATI RADEON 4650 DDR2 1GB REALTEK ALC655 Method i install the hackintosh 1. Insert nawcom mod boot cd 0.3.2 version then boot it 2. After meet Nawcom screen, eject the mod cd then insert the retail Snow Leopard (10.6.3) then press F5 3. Install normally, 4. After that reboot then register , make user account, etc. Finish, mac was installed in my PC. Ok, now i follow this tutorial from He said this in description So i copy ATI4600Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext to desktop. then i right click it and show package content, after that i opened the info.plist and add my device ID 0x9498 to info.plist. I add "0x94981002" (without " ") . After add it to each Kext i drag the two kext that to Kext Utility, then i entered my password. After finish and got message succes i reboot my PC. But after that when i'm booting to mac, i got this picture now i can't boot to mac. When i boot into verbose mode i got stuck ATIX2000.kext Why this happen to me? but other people on forum successfully to add device id. UPDATE : i found this link http://leopardkext.b...eon-hd4650.html but he said i must use PC EFI 10.5 or 10.6 bootloader, but i was already have Chameleon 2.1 how to change it?
  10. this problem was solved, thanks for your description. I fix it by reinstall the mac with Nawcom Mod Boot CD 0.3.2 version. SO i now i can boot it without mod cd. But i got a problem here (after add device id my ATI 4650, i can't boot into mac)
  11. thanks for the reply! the problem is solved. I'm trying to download nawcom from http://www.osx86.net...odcd_0.3.2.html then try to re install again my hackintosh. and taraaa my hackintosh can boot from cd. but i still looking for ALC655 and ATI 4650 kexts. because i'm using VOODOOHDA kext in cutomize when i install mac os x but it doesn't work. the itunes can't play anything in here
  12. Here is my specification Intel Dual Core E5400 RAM 1 GB (2 pcs) HDD IDE 120GB ATI 4650 REALTEK ALC655 This is method i install the Snow Leopard 1. Insert naw*com boot cd and boot it. (i can't use iBo*ot because if i use it i got error ebios bla bla) 2. After that i put out the nawcom and insert SNOW LEOPARD RETAIL then press F5 and select it. 3. After that i install it and success and the pc is restarted 4. This is the problem. If i pull out the naw*com boot cd i got error " boot0:Error " but i'm using the naw*com boot cd and select the partiotion which is installed mac os x and boot it. I can go the desktop of Mac OSX so i must insert naw*com bot cd to make i can go to the mac os x. but i'm tired to this because it's take longer time. somebody can help me?
  13. i can't boot from HDD after install, i must insert the nawcom mod cd to boot. how to solve it?
  14. i got KP if install bootloader so i must insert nawcom mod cd to boot? please tell me what must i do?
  15. i have try install this http://chameleon.osx...d-links-updated but i got kernel panic so to boot mac os i must insert nawcom mod cd then chose mac partition