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  1. I take it that you are aware that only deep sleep works (hibernatemode 1) with the gma950. sleep mode only works with pcefi or chameleon. there is a command that allows you to clear the hibernate image. maybe that will clear your problem. I forgot the actual command. type ? at the pcefi or chameleon prompt and you should find it. in hibernatemode 1 all the contents of the ram are written to the hdd and the notebook is shutdown entirely. when you reboot it reads the contents from hdd back to memory and you are where you left. the only error I ever had was that it could not find the sleep image. maybe you do in fact have not enough room. also make sure that in system settings secure virtual memory is not turned on.


    there is another sleep mode which isn't really sleep that puts the lcd to sleep. with a script you can make the lcd come back from sleep. I forgot where that is since I got rid of my e1505 for a while. the problem with that is that the notebook isn't really asleep and you may damage your lcd on the long run with heating from the CPU when you close it.


    sleep mode


    hi TheGreatDeceiver, it's been a while :). My 9400 own one of my friend now, and i'm happy to see it's still running SL like a charm :(


    the boot command is:


    it tells to the bootloader to skip the sleepimage. Then, you have to remove it manually. open your Terminal then type:

    sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage

  2. Now the good side, we have andy today in our always growing team, motivated by only one same goal: make the best chameleon ever released, all open source, all public :(


    Sorry but what goals/ concepts are behind the "the best chameleon ever released" ?

    I'm a bit lost about what chameleon is becoming, i mean it seem's after reading this topic and the repository that Chameleon is more and more like a collection of various patches and options than an unified and understandable sofware.


    Is not something against contributors, but i can't figure out where Chameleon is going to...


    btw, i'm glad to see that some people are motivated to do things on Cham.


  3. I cannot help you because of two reasons:


    1) You don't have a signature, nor a reference to the used hard- and software.

    2) Someone here must be able to reproduce this since 'a long time' means practically nothing to me.


    I have also this bug MasterChief. It looks it's a clear cmos.

    I d'ont have more details, this append with a dell laptop (Snow L), witch provides no details when the bios is cleared, but the same 'long bios initialization' happends after you change bios parameters.


    If you want something (like dsdt...etc), let me know.

  4. hummm ...


    moi je vois plutot la grosse porte ouverte vers le vRAI mac ...


    pour ton info sonotone on peut DEJA flasher une carte mère avec un binaire contenant un efi .... (cf devkit intel en 2005)


    Bah oui mais flasher avec quoi? A moins de re-écrire une bootRom pour ta carte mère et de savoir comment elle interagit avec boot.efi, je ne vois pas trop ce qu'il est possible de faire... d'autant plus qu'il n'y a rien d'open source dans tout ça. Sans compter les corrections nécessaires à l'efi de la carte mère, vu comment c'est déjà le bordel avec les dsdt.

  5. Well, i'm very surprised when i take a look on this video:

    A well known here, named f41qu3, claim's he's the author of this app. This is, of course, totally false.


    What we can read on his forum, (very well protected isn't it? check the google cache:;client=safari


    Due to the large number of people having errors with the BootCDs available, I decided to share the app that generates these CDs




    HMBT BootCD Maker by f41qu3


    What i can say... well done f41qu3!


    f41qu3: you claim in your sig, i quote, "the truth is out there". Well, now it is!

  6. Lizard offert a user interface and some features to help Chamleon's ( 2 RCx) parameters edition.




    - com.apple.Boot.plist interface


    - smbios.plist interface (the app follow your custom smbios.plist path if needed)


    - Chameleon version Check


    - Save parameters without modifying permissions access


    - Themes management (read the excellent Blackosx's post about themes here: http:/ / forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,388.0.htmlact=post&do=new_post&f=157)


    - Intuitive edition (disable incompatible fields...etc)


    - Bootlable ISO creator ( drag'n'drop, the app analyze your files and import settings into the ISO)


    - Detailled Help files


    You can also:


    - Specify if you want to work with /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist or /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist (for RAID users)


    - Indicate to the app where is your Extra folder


    - backup files



    Lizard is still in Beta stage (and my first project with cocoa/oc) , so you may encounter bugs.

    Download link: http://darwinx86.net/software/darwinx86_software.html

    Sources: http://code.google.com/p/lizard-app/



    Prasys for Smbios Help content

    Distemperus for Boot Help content

    Trauma, Kabyl, JrCs, BlackOsx for their advices and expertise.