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  1. I've installed 10.10 DP1 in a VM and VMsvga2 does not work properly on it - the desktop will constantly crash and restart itself. Without VMsvga2 the graphics performance is pretty bad
  2. Hey guys, Previously I have a VM (on VMware Workstation 10) which runs OSX 10.8 (host is Windows 8), I've installed VMsvga2 on it and it has improved the graphics performance by quite a bit. Today I made a new VM for OSX 10.10 DP1 - it installed fine but VMsvga2 doesn't work properly on it - the desktop wallpaper will just keep flashing on and off (looks like the desktop is constantly crashing and restarting itself), Finder and other apps will just crash as well. So without VMsvga2 the performance is just terrible. Anyone know how to get VMsvga2 to work properly on DP1? Or is there another solution to improving the performance? Thanks.