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  1. Cuda on OSX problem

    that's only true for real Macs w/out any patching or hacking
  2. Windows RG, U can run 3d apps with a GMA 950 on hackintosh? cos i cant, they just crash
  3. GMA 950: openGL doesn't work.

    but.... therefore i thought it was fully support even on hackintosh, and i cannot imagine SF or maya dont running on real macbook, meanwhile both work good on XP so, the gma950 kext is modified to load on hackintosh? meanwhile installing Xcode, im trying logging what the driver do, but a really dont know a bit of debugging video drivers hehe statistics_openGLprofiler.txt
  4. GMA 950: openGL doesn't work.

    I'm on a 10.4.8 hackintosh, gma950 as said, everything work good, mean expose and 2d apps but when i try to load SecondLife it crashes suddenly all the time after loggin in, and worse, Alias Maya8.5 displays weird colors for the Shaders applied to the models when i move objects in the viewport and select/deselect... any clue?
  5. Integrated 10/100 Ethernet not working

    same problem here, built-in network grayed-out, sorry im really newbie on kext stuff.... so can u explain which IOnetworkFamily kext have u got? thx