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  1. This was the most useful topic I have found about ATI 7xxx, It is easy to follow all the steps and i finally got my 7850 working Without applying other peoples kexts it is far better, no kernel panics, Clover works like a charm, even patched my DSDT for Audio... Thank you very much for the time spent to do this! By the way, is there any discussion/troubleshooting topic concerning the sleep fix, white screen bug? If so, please point me the topic Thanks!
  2. johnymac questions about OS X on LGA775

    Hey guys, I know this is an old topic, but i prefer to use this one than creating another one. Since the last time I posted, I gave up on OS X, because I wasn't having success on trying to boot ML without the USB drive. Now, i tried again, everything went smooth about the boot error, no problem now. Exceptionally, All I needed in order to reach the installer was to use GraphicsEnabler=No since I have an ATi HD7850. My question is, isn't the Mountain Lion 10.8.4 that I am using, supposed to support my GPU natively? I already got kexts for my Atheros L1E and for my ALC1200. But in every search I seem to not understand how to get full graphics on my rig. I am using ML on one of the partitions and Mavericks on the other, to try some kexts on Mavericks and experience some new stuff. My specs main specs are, ASUS P5QL-PRO socket 775 GPU ATi HD 7850 - 1GB from Sapphire (I use 1 DVI port only) Q8400 CPU Any advice? I think i can get everything to work well, but i need full graphics to be able to work on Adobe software and Editing Video. Thanks in advance.
  3. Boas. Eu vou tentar instalar o Mountain Lion e o Win8 and dual boot, tudo no mesmo disco. A minha máquina é: MOBO: Asus P5QL PRO (With modded Bios for OS X) RAM: 2 x 2GB 800MHz Kingston CPU: Intel Q8400 @ 2.66GHz GPU: Sapphire ATi 7850 1GB PSU: NOX HUMMER 700W HDDs: 320GB - Samsung HD322HJ - SATA (Main OS drive) 250GB - Samsung IDE Drive (Storage) 250GB - Western Digital WD2500BEVS (2.5 Drive from old laptop used for Storage) DVD DRIVE: Asus IDE DVD burner Eu já instalei o ML com sucesso, mas não consegui corrigir o erro de boot0 que estava a aparecer. Agora tenho o .dmg do 10.8.3 que ja suporta a minha gráfica e deve resolver. A minha questão é, qual SO devo instalar primeiro? Win8 ou ML? Vou deixar o disco com 2 partições, 200gb Win8 e 120GB ML
  4. johnymac questions about OS X on LGA775

    Just a question people, I'm going for a dual boot Win8 and ML 10.8.3, in the same disk. What should I install first?
  5. johnymac questions about OS X on LGA775

    Yes k3nny, I read that 10.8.3 would support ATi 7xxx series. That was not the major problem, the thing that made me go nuts was the fact that i wasn't able to get the boot to work. I'm gonna use the new app "Pandora" to create the bootable usb stick again and try Mountain Lion, I'll report later!
  6. Hello everyone! I already introduced myself in the right topic to do it so now I wanted you to help on some questions i have. I started following hackintosh communities a few years ago, first tries were with iatkos and ideneb, by watching some youtube tutorials, which did not end as i expected. Later I started reading some hackintosh forums and I was able to install ideneb on my old Acer Extensa 5620, only with the Intel 4965AGN not working. After having success on my laptop i thought i could get it working on my desktop too, so i tried both ideneb and later Snow Leopard by Hazard, being successful with both of them. I had snow leopard for a while, but then i kind of "retired" from hackintosh. Anyway, now I want to go further into hackintosh, this time i want to dual boot it with windows 8 x64 on my desktop. Specs.: My first question is: Which OS X you guys advise me to install for better compatibility with all the components? I know my GPU is not natively supported by any OS X, but i saw some tutorials on how to get to work, and it works with Graphic Enabler. Second question: Tried to install Mountain Lion with InstallESD.dmg and following myhack tutorial. I successfully created the USB stick, and successfully installed ML 10.8 on my pc, the thing is that I always get boot0 error. It is not supposed to happen on the later release of the myhack tool but it happens to me. Only way to boot is using the USB stick to get the bootloader and selecting ML. I think the problem is that chameleon is not installing on my drive! I have some skills with computers, and i always want to learn more. Thanks! Best regards, John.
  7. Introduce yourself

    My name is João (John), i'm portuguese, and i'm studying Architecture at the moment. I started trying to hackintosh in 2009 with my old Acer laptop, no good luck with the Intel 4965 wireless, so tried on my desktop, had Snow leopard 10.6.2 by hazard up and running pretty well, but i retired from hackintosh for a while and now i'm back to try Mountain Lion on my old desktop. I like this forum very much, I have learned very much about software here and this is where I started reading about hackintosh so, I hope to have a nice time here! Best regards everyone!