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  1. Thanks for the support!
  2. This is pretty random... but check out my tshirt design please? Feel free to vote and comment! Thanks a lot for the help guys! http://www.threadless.com/submission/170057/Make_me_a_Robot
  3. Fridgerator

    Macbook integrated graphics

    Oh really. Didnt know that. lol, thanks for the help.
  4. Theres this weird thing that happened one day with my "swap" memory under the iStat pro widget. My swap memory displayed as 128mb. I thought I read various other forums that the mac OS limits the shared vid ram to be a maximum of 64mb. I currently have 2gb of memory installed in my macbook, and i would actually like to have the integrated graphics be 128mb when I game and work with photoshop/illustrator and such. Sadly, i dont have a screenshot of the istat, but i dont know how it happened, is it possible to set the maximum? Once i restarted the computer, it just went back to 64mb and never went up to 128mb again.
  5. Fridgerator

    Favorite Design Fonts

    I love using myriad pro and helvetica neue, especially the condensed/bold condensed of both versions.
  6. Fridgerator

    Macbook heating problems?

    I also own a macbook and whenever i play games or run photoshop and illustrator it hits around 65-73 degrees C. On idle or running firefox and msn, its around 48-50 C with smc running the fan at 3000 rpm.
  7. Okay, I can confirm that with max settings in Warcraft III, my macbook runs everything smoothly with 2gb of ram. And running WoW, I set everything to the middle, with the exception of terrain distance (1/4 of bar), spell effects and weather effects, I get 20-40 fps in cities, and pre burning crusade outdoors. Resolution is like 1280 x whatever, its the max resolution I believe. In Burning Crusade outdoors, I get 15-25 fps depending on the detail of the land, but I get like 20-30 fps in pvp battlegrounds. Also, I turned off the terrain lighting, shadows, death effects, filtering, etc. So I believe WoW is completely runnable on a macbook. I found out on WoW, terrain distance makes a huge difference in fps, like 5-10 fps difference per quarter of a bar. Also, turning on GLFaster 1 on the WTF file also helps too. The games are all run in mac OS, and not boot camp or parallels. Hope this helps. Btw I own the latest version of the macbook, 2.16 ghz. So I can't guarentee anything with the lower models.
  8. Fridgerator

    Software Piracy

    There are various reasons to pirating, especially for students who are interested in working in the field which requires that expensive software (Photoshop etc). I mean, how are students supposed to get ready for post secondary, or a career when they cant even learn the staple software used in the industry? Shelling out like $1000 for a creative suite is absolutely ridiculous for a student. Okay, get the student version of the suite, but its much less professional. Alot of students have to pay for their own tuition, rent, food, etc. They might not even have a computer decent enough to run the programs properly, and developers are asking them to shell out $1000 extra to get the "right" program? Its not even investment until the student is actually in the job. Computers are expensive enough on their own, and asking for another handful of $100 bills from parents when a student gets accepted into post secondary is ridiculous for the average person. Education alone costs enough already and thats enough investment for the student or the parents of that student. Personally, I'd think its acceptable for students to buy their programs once they earn some money with it, then it'd be a proper investment. But if there are people who are earning money with the programs and are still pirating it, I find that unacceptable.
  9. I'm having a weird problem with expose and photoshop cs3. The screenshot below. But when I zoom into the image "Actual Pixels", the images show up on expose, and sometimes doesnt on "Fit Screen". At first I thought it was a ram problem, but I just upgraded to 2GB and im pretty sure running a couple of photos without working on them wont cause much of a ram problem. Anyone have any ideas whats up and how I can fix it? It gets quite annoying when Im working with multiple photos at the same time. Thanks!
  10. I just wish it didnt come with the macbook. I mean most post secondary students get macbooks as their laptops if they like mac OS. And having to play games on that thing is just simply frustrating. Oh well, its really the only complaint i have about the macbook.
  11. So glad i recently went mac, I really couldnt be happier with it. I still dont understand why people complain about windows, but wont switch over to mac. its kinda weird...
  12. great news on the new game releases..... but I only own a Macbook... too bad i wont be able to run any of these amazing games
  13. Fridgerator

    Too much of RAM is never enough?

    Ampidire, I meant the Macbook, sorry. I heard its limit is actually 3GB. I just got my macbook and the 1x2 GB module is only like 15 bucks more than a pair of 1Gb. Since its only 15, Im planning on getting the 1x2 GB instead to boost it up to 2.5 GB of ram on my new macbook. Is that a good idea?
  14. Fridgerator

    MightyMice are MightyRubbish

    Using a Logitech VX Revolution for my Macbook, absolutely loving it. Got it for 30 CAD. What a steal.. hahaha I use the Logitech MX1000 for my windows desktop. Seeing the Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 for mac is looking quite nice. I would get it if I had an Apple desktop.
  15. Fridgerator

    Too much of RAM is never enough?

    A semi on topic question related to RAM. Is it possible for the new released Macbooks to hold 4gb of ram? On certain sites I heard its possible, but is it worth it? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.