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  1. Unable to Find SMBIOS ATOM

    Gyus i have this problem,with my netbook atom N280, i have installed snow lepopard, if i use chameleon bootloader appear this message"unable to find SMBIOS" i press a key for continue but nothing happen, i have installed the os with customized bootloader , also appear the same message but i can press a key and continue the installation, if i boot the OS with same boot cd all work fine, is impossible for me start the os with installed chameleon bootloader ..how i can solve?
  2. Mavericks HD 4000

    alla fine non ho usato enoch che non ho trovato alla fine ma con chameleon usando le nuove stringhe efi e va tutto bene ;-)
  3. Sleep/wake problem

    Hello guys, i have a problem with sleep and wake, is really streange, if i NOT do the applepowermanagment patch and i use the nullpowermanagment the notebook go to sleep but when wake up after 30 seconds the notebook turn off automatcly, if i use the patch for power managment and sleepenabler kext i have a kernel panic.. i use 10.9 mavericks, i have HM76 chipset i dont know mobo name, Cpu I3 with Hd4000..
  4. Mavericks HD 4000

    Anche con Chameleon, ma solo se la scheda grafica ha device id = 9 , con Enoch riconosce da solo la scheda grafica?
  5. Mavericks HD 4000

    non ho capito bene, io ho usato lo string injection con ML e andava benissimo con Mavercks il metodo id abilitazione cambia?
  6. Mavericks HD 4000

    Ragazzi ho un problema strano..non riesco ad abilitare Hd4000 su mavericks , mentre su mountain lion ci ero riuscito tramite chameleon inserendo la string key , la mia HD 4000 ha device id=3, eseguendo la stessa procedura su maverciks la scheda non mi viene riconosciuta..consigli?
  7. HM76 Chipset DSDT

    Hello guys,reading on the web i have see for solve many problem with hackintosh the people edit the DSDT file, i have this problem : the sleepenabelr work fine but after wakeup the notebook after 10 seconds the notebook shutdown autmatic,i have HD4000 ivy bridge chipsetHM76 CPU I3 if i edit the dsdt i can solve this? how i can do?
  8. Lentezza accensione e spegnimento

    ok mo provo con questa soluzione, cmq da quando premo invio nel boot loader e compare la mela
  9. Slow Startup and Shutdown

    yes and after used the command posted of you
  10. Slow Startup and Shutdown

    i have SSD the system start up now in 14 second is good?
  11. Lentezza accensione e spegnimento

    ho un SSD xD
  12. Lentezza accensione e spegnimento

    ciao ragazzi, ho questo problema, il mio notebook con mountain lion si avvia lentisismo ci mette 30 secondi o più per spegnersi ci emtte quasi 2 minuti,se invece riavvio funziona bene, ho rpovato ad abilitare la kernelchache ma è lo stesso se uso la -v carica tutti i kext proprio come se andasse in safe mode.. soluzioni? hardware: Hm76 Hd4000 I3
  13. Slow Startup and Shutdown

    Hello Guys i have this problem, the my hackintosh is really slow to startup the apple screan appear for over 20 seconds and if i try to shutdown normaly lost 1 or 2 minutes.the restart work fine.. i ahve abilited kernelchache but if i try to start in verbose mode the bootloader load all kext , like a safe mode.. solutions? hardware: Hm76 I3 4gb ram Hd4000 i have mountain lion 10.8.2
  14. WakeUp problem

    hello guys i have this problem, i have enabled SleepEnabler and work fine if i close the screen on my notebbok the notebook go in sleep, when i open the screen the notebok wake up very fine, but after 5 seconds if wake up the notebook have a automatic shutdown..when i can solve this?
  15. Chinese Macbook Air clone compatibility

    the wireless card i think is possible change,for the ram check in system info ;-)