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  1. Hi, I installed a copy of mountain lion from iAtkos and now want to buy a legit copy. Do i need to reinstall the entire os , or I can buy a copy and change the serial somewhere ?. Also if I go to appstore it shows mountain lion is already installed and there is no option to buy it. So how do I buy a copy? Thanks Mic
  2. get sound working

    key>layout-id</key> <data> DAAAAA== </data> just confirming... so i need to make this <key>layout-id</key> <data>1</data>
  3. get sound working

    what should i modify the layout-id to ?
  4. get sound working

    Downloaded http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/29-applehda-for-alc892/ installed with kext wizard and repaired permissions and cache, sound does not work
  5. get sound working

    Hi, Recently got my graphics to work with mountain lion and am loving it. Now only sound is missing. What would be the easiest way to get sound working on my machine. Specs : AsRock z75 pro3 , i7 3770, radeon 7950. Thanks Mic
  6. DSDT help with 7xxx Series

    Hey Guys, Finally got it working . Did a lot of reading and found out that i needed to disable igpu multimonitor in bios. Installed clover it everything went awesomely smooth. Just need one more help, can someone point me to install clover on hdd. I hope i dont screw up my hdd partitions ( currently clover is on usb ) Cheers Mic
  7. Hi , I keep on getting RadeonMonitor: invalid device id , RadeonMonitor: Fatal exception etc. Could someone explain me what is RadeonMonitor, its use and how to remedy it. I tried finding it in FakeSMC plugins but could not find it. Thanks
  8. DSDT help with 7xxx Series

    1.Replace your Extra folder with this one, I have made changes in smbios and SSDT add, boot.plist config etc... : done 2. Replace your FakeSMC.kext and AMDRadeon with these one : done 3. Repair Permissions and Rebuild/Caches and reboot : done 4. I think that now all is ok : ok 5. Good Luck!!!! got a Kernel Panic
  9. DSDT help with 7xxx Series

    Extra and DarwinDumper report Extra.zip 000_2013-04-10_03-25-49_MacPro3,1.zip
  10. DSDT help with 7xxx Series

    this is wat i did with your zip, i copied the dsdt.aml to /Extra folder. Is there anything else i need to do ? This is the extensions folder http://dl.dropbox.com/u/48582009/Extensions.zip
  11. DSDT help with 7xxx Series

    -v is for verbose output and -x is for safe mode wherein a limited number of kexts are loaded. But that is the only way my machine loads mac osx, it will not load without the -x, because it gets stuck at radeon monitor
  12. DSDT help with 7xxx Series

    It is not that I cannot install a kext file. This is the step i followed: Started kextwizard, went to installation tab, selected your kext file (after i unzipped it) clicked on install clicked on maintainence selected both repair permissions, rebuild cache rebooted with -x -v flags opened terminal and executed lspci , it shows command not found. I understand the use of lspci command, i have used linux and windows, just i dont know why the command is not working according to http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=1643 compatibility of lspci for 10.8.xx is unknown
  13. DSDT help with 7xxx Series

    I tried installing the kext you gave me, but it shows lspci command not found. I did fix the permissions and also rebuilt the cache using kext wizard. I tried clover bootloader by ignorning kernel cache. Still stuck on radeon monitor
  14. DSDT help with 7xxx Series

    Attaching the extra folder Extra.zip
  15. DSDT help with 7xxx Series

    even if i set the integrated graphics as the primary device, the booting gets stuck on radeonmonitor. I dont know why this is the case.