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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the help, I've got the Ultra build up and running - and it seems super fast. Although to get it to the desktop I had to use the Graphics Enabler = No option. But apparently doing that breaks functionality in video editors - like Final Cut Pro? Is there something I missed to get it to play nice with the 660 and still use video editor apps? If this post is in the wrong place, by all means please remove it and i'll move it, thanks!
  2. Quick note on the Ultra build - I was not able to mount the fans/radiator in this case because the left most set of ram modules were blocking it. At the moment I have the radiator fan portion of the cooling system hanging out of the case (ick) but maybe I'm just doing something wrong? I'll take a pic and update this post a bit later. I did a small bit of searching and it seems others have had similar issues with the tall vengeance ram and a liquid based cooling system.
  3. Awesome - thanks for putting up the Killer build - I'll be buying the parts later today unless someone has other interesting comments on it.
  4. I'm very much looking forward to the Ultra build! I've been using a mac book bro for video editing and it's been very painful.