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  1. Aphioner, maybe nobody knew how to help you... Please, share your solution
  2. I was trying to follow the guide for my laptop (Asus UX32A) and I'm in the same situation. Does anyone know what to do?
  3. Yes, booting with clover 26xx on the USB pen (kext-dev-mode added) and booting in safe mode give the same error... I checked the BIOS and it's ok (I read someone mentioned AHCI reset to IDE) I can try to boot into Ubuntu and replace the content of the EFI partition with a backup, is it ok to revert clover this way? But I guess the pen should work... Maybe something is corrupted in the disk? EDIT: I reverted Clover with that backup (2795) and now it boots fine. I tried rebooting again and everything seems ok. Thank you for helping me
  4. I tried to boot in single user but it reboots immediately... The boot log I see is the same as verbose.
  5. Hello, I had a working hackintosh with Yosemite dp5 until earlier when I rebooted the system (Clover updated to 2818) and couldn't boot anymore. After selecting the boot option in Clover it restarts after 1 or 2 seconds. I tried booting in verbose and without caches. Does anyone know what to do?
  6. Today I noticed that whenever I put my laptop to sleep, after waking it the "unexpected power loss count" SMART attribute of my SSD increases. Does anyone know how to fix this? I attached my current DSDT. DSDT voskot.zip
  7. I guess I forgot to do it, I'm sorry... I'll attach it now asus.zip
  8. My ux32a goes to sleep and wakes perfectly. I attach my DSDT (taken from Ramalama GitHub), SSDT (generated with ssdtPRGen, power management works), config.plist and drivers64uefi, I hope there's something that helps you. asus.zip
  9. Good news! I followed that guide to calculate the codec verbs commands relative to the headphones, I replaced those from ammor's AppleHDA with the new ones and now everything works perfectly! Thank you 68x and ammor for your help In case someone needs it, here's my AppleHDA (v2.6, 10.9.2) for ASUS UX32A (ALC269VB). AppleHDA alc269vb 2.6.zip
  10. My laptop has an alc269vb, what's yours? Anyway, I believe you when you say it's working for you, maybe that's something else in my system to fix...
  11. Thank you! I tried it but there's no audio output from headphones as before, maybe applehda is not the problem...
  12. First of all, thank you for helping me! I tried this applehda, I disabled fix_hda and I think layouts id 28 is injected, I just need method _dsm inside hdef with 0x1C? in clover, audio > inject id is 28. In system information > sound > id audio is 28. Even with these configuration speaker and mic work, it recognizes the headphones but no sound comes out. For a moment I thought the headphones jack was broken but works fine on linux.
  13. Voskot

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello, I'm Diego, from Italy!
  14. Hello everyone, I have a problem with audio after updating to 10.9.2: no audio output from headphones. The speaker works fine but when I connect the headphones the system recognizes them but there's no audio coming out. I'm using AppleHDA.kext v2.6.0 vanilla, but patched with clover with these for ALC269 (without the other kext AppleHDA269.kext). FixHDA_8000 is set to true in clover. I tried with the DSDT I was already using and with the one found on GitHub here. Everything else on my hackintosh works fine included sleep, even with 10.9.2. My Laptop: ASUS UX32A, BIOS 215 Intel i3-3217U ALC269VB Attached: both DSDT, CodecCommander kext, audio codec dump, AppleHDA right after 10.9.2 update and ioreg (done with the dsdt from github, I don't know if matters). I don't know if there's something else I should have attached. Thank you everyone for your help and for everything you've done and shared on this forum and in other places! ux32a audio.zip