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  1. 7670M HP G6 on Yosemite

    I managed to make the HD4000 works.. that's one step. but I still need help for the AMD...
  2. 7670M HP G6 on Yosemite

    Hello I'm still exploring the hackintosh universe... and I'm trying to make my HP G6 2355 to work with Yosemite 10.10.5... after some try&fail moments, I finally have success in booting the install, and install Yosemite on the internal.... but I can't figure what I have to do to make the CG to work... it's a 7670M with DeviceID=6840 (and HD4000 with DeviceID=0166) ... I read several topics, but I miss most of the knowledge to understand what to do with this... (and eventually my english is not good enough, too) can someone help me and point me to some directions ? thanks a lot !
  3. (post à effacer)

    Hop, désolé pour le dérangement.
  4. HP Elite 7500: OSXable ? Please help...

    OK, I finally get it to work with Clover... (: on 10.9.5
  5. HP Elite 7500: OSXable ? Please help...

    Just in case: I did use the MBR patch for 10.9.4
  6. HP Elite 7500: OSXable ? Please help...

    Hi everybody... I've downloaded Pandora and installed, follwing instructions, on an USB key... I've booted on this usb key... got a lot of text scrolling.... and then, it keeps saying for " Still waiting for root device"... what did I forget ? or do wrong ? thanks for help/reply
  7. HP Elite 7500: OSXable ? Please help...

    thanks a lot for your reply... that's reassuring. even if there's only the HD 4000 or 2500 in it, I've read that it is supported... so I guess I can really think now how to make my very first hackintosh (:
  8. HP Elite 7500: OSXable ? Please help...

    no one ? I'll have the unit very soon....... I'll appreciate any input about my project. Krr
  9. Hello everybody... I think about my first hackintosh... I'm a Mac user since ... well.. a looooong time (-: I'm using some things from here to make some PC components to work on my Mac Pro, but I never tried to build a hackintosh. I'm gonna have to deal with this: http://h20386.www2.hp.com/FranceStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=D5R92EA&opt=ABF&sel=PBDT#merch-tech-specs for some serious reasons, I'm not to change anything in the original hardware. Is it possible to install Lion or Mountain Lion or Mavericks ? What would be your advices about that ? thanks a lot for your insights and tips. Edit: I've tried... without success... please read my latest posts... if you feel like giving some help...
  10. I got the same pb. It keeps saying there was pb ... and that the dl will restart. then, back to the first page and again...