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  1. Your first solution didn't do anything after the reboot. I saved the log of the second one, seems like dependecies are missing. What does that mean? sudokextcache.zip
  2. Oh, thats embarrassing did not know about that! Tried your config.plist, now its showing up as Radeon 6770 Series but still with 5MB Memory. Still really slow and full of artifacts. I was booting with kext-dev-mode=1
  3. Hello Fantomas, Hope this is what you are looking for! The forum tells me I´m not allowed to upload this type of file so I put in in a text file. Config.rtf
  4. I updated to 10.10.2 last night, which somehow broke the QE/CI. My 6770 was working fine with the kexts in the first post. Is anybody on here experiencing the same issues? "About this Mac" is just showing 5MB Monitor for graphics. I´m using clover, if thats important for my situation. Hope somebody has a fix! :-(
  5. ZB0X

    Asus 1201N Installation and support [Mav]

    Hello everybody, I tried to follow the install guide posted on Page 1 as close as possible, but I´m still struggling to boot the installer. The Boot is hanging at "using 64-Bit Boot cache playlist". Did anybody have similar problems, I´m pretty new to hackintoshing and don't have any experience with Clover. I had the USB prepared before but the Install failed with an unknown error (0), I decided to remake the USB. BIOS Revision is 0326 and SATA is on IDE. YOSEMITE 10.10. Thanks for your help in advance!
  6. Hi Guys, I installed Mavericks via the USB method. On the first boot after the installation completed, installed all the kexts for Ethernet,Audio & my Graphics card (ATI 6770). After that I installed clover to get a boot loader running. Then I tried booting without the Install USB pen. Just the never-ending spinning circle. After reading up on some of the nice guides on here i tried common boot flags like -v npci=2000 etc. ( Those two where enabled for the install too). Booting in verbose mode showed me that the boot hangs at "IOBluetoothHCIController SearchFOrTransportEventTimeOutHandler -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!" How can I fix that and get my PC booting without the USB Stick? System Intel Q6600 2.4 ASUS P5Q - PRO 4 GB RAM 500 GB WD HDD Thank you all for helping a newbie out!
  7. ZB0X

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I havent looked in this thread for a while.. and all you guys have made some awesome progress! Solyfugo I am very interested in your files, hope I can get my 1201 finally running... Cheers
  8. ZB0X

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Hi Guys! This is my first post to your insanlymac forum. I´ve been reading here for a long long time,but now I`m stuck at my Problem so i decided to ask some of you. I made my bootable USB Installer with myHack. [My USB is a Kingston DataTraveler 8GB] After that I copied the Extra folder from Loureiro´s Mountain Lion Package to the root of my USB. When I boot i get stuck at the white Apple screen without this spinning wheel. After that I put -v into my bootflags so i can see what makes my problems. I can see a lot of HFS+ Files going trough.... but after 30 Seconds I just get a black screen. I dont know what I have to do.. Its my first hackintosh. Is somebody out there to help me? Thanks ZB0X