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    560 Ti: Can't enable CUDA

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  2. Hello. I've recently installed Mac OS X 10.8 ML on my custom built computer. I just plugged the USB, installed OS X on a partitioned Hard Drive (MBR), booted using the USB, worked smoothly. Just installed Audio, Network (Was already working), OpenCL Patch, Legacy USB, FakeSMC, DSDT-Free. Some problem I noticed is that it seems that my GPU (GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024mb) isn't working at its fullest. First, some of the OSX animation seems choppy sometimes and the computer feels slow. Secondly, I think my GPU supports OpenGL 4.1, but here in Mac OS X, it shows that its version is 2.1. Thirdly, the Adobe applications tell me that my GPU doesn't have CUDA when I try to do enable GPU acceleration in After Effects and Premiere using guide: . I already tried updating to 10.8.3 (which made the computer slower somehow), updating the Adobe apps, installing the Nvidia drivers, the Nvidia CUDA Drivers, tried the OpenCL patch, etc. Still the same. Computer Specs: 1500tb HDD Seagate Green 5200RPM Intel Core i7 3770 3.4 GHz Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024mb 16GB(2x8GB) 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM ASUS P8B75-V Could someone please help me? Some pictures: http://puu.sh/2qLBi http://puu.sh/2qLCq http://puu.sh/2qLFm http://puu.sh/2qLGJ http://puu.sh/2qPhq http://puu.sh/2qPrQ
  3. I did that using the terminal, and now it shows: "boot0: test boot0: error" The logs didn't seem to change. Maybe I should try to install it using the OS X Installer's Terminal? Booted into the installer, unmounted the disk0s3 partition and installed "boot1h" on it. The computer now boots fine without the need of the USB Drive. Thank you!
  4. Ok, here are the logs I got: Bootloaders.txt: Diskutil_list.txt: Hard Drive Log:
  5. I've recently installed Mac OS X 10.8 using ##### on a custom built computer. Since I already had Windows installed, I had to install it using the MBR partition scheme. Turns out that I can't boot without the installation USB Drive. Everytime I boot the HDD, it shows "boot0: done". Only that message, no "boot0: Test" or "boot0: MBR". The active partition is the one thats Mac OS X is installed in. What do I have to do to fix this without having to reinstall Windows and Mac OS X again?