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    It was working.... Now it hates me :(

    I just realized this should be in the "post-installation" area. My bad Can a mod move please?
  2. ticklemedaly

    It was working.... Now it hates me :(

    Ok, tried to remove that kext and ran the kextwizard with no luck. So something is not working right here. Reinstalled on a different drive, after reinstalling 10.8.3 on a USB. Booted fine with -f -v. installed applications that I want to use: PlexMediaServer iStat Menu iStat Server Installed items from the ######: MacPro id Patched AppleIntelCPUPower Chimera Going to possibly reinstall everything and see what item is causing me to only boot in safemode after it is installed. Of course someone sees something that doesn't make sense. Thanks for any help!!!
  3. ticklemedaly

    It was working.... Now it hates me :(

    having difficulty trying to access the file. finder and spotlight don't like to work in safe-mode for me. I'm making another backup, going to redo my ####### USB and reinstall everything.
  4. ticklemedaly

    It was working.... Now it hates me :(

    Running in safe mode (-f -x -v, are the prompts I enter now, used to be just -f -v) let it boot up. Verbose states system files are ok, upon startup it says my memory isn't configured appropriately. I'll look for a "workaround" later, unless someone notices something within my picture that I don't understand. Awesome, I'll give that a try after im done backing up everything. Thanks!
  5. Hello Newb here. Finally got my first hackintosh running, then today it decided to kernel panic on me. Picture is attached. No idea where to go. Was in the process of finally using the machine for a server. Even had "Back to my Mac" working while I was getting my car fixed. Got home, installed my other HDD in order to transfer files off the system and duplicate for redundancy. But wont boot past this screen. Even installed on another drive, still nothing. System specs: Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Asus P8H61-m le/csm r.2.0 Intel G860 8gig (4x2) corsair XMS 1066 Seagate drives (1 TB: has all my info on it; 3 TB, drive I want for backup) Any help or advice be much appreciated! Again, was working, now does this. RyRy