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  1. Cool, good to know. I've had intermittent luck with sleep still. Sometimes it's working perfectly and sometimes it sleeps fine but won't wake. I am running the IntelMausiEthernet-V2.1.0d5 which is working great but the nvidia drivers continue to be touchy. Any adjustment to clover's config.plist and things won't boot or sleep right again...still working on debugging this but I will post more if I find anything else concrete on the sleep situation. BB
  2. A full uninstall and re-install of the nvidia drivers and everything is fine again. Another question: Is sleep and wake working fully for you? I saw sleep/wake working normally after install, but then had a power outage last night and now it's not waking correctly (black screen). I'm not sure I tested it too much before so maybe it's a larger problem than just the power outage. Thank you! BB
  3. Hey Frank, Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks for contributing this guide. I just completed a new build with a Z170M-Plus, a Skylake i7 and GTX 960. Because of your guide, it was a super easy and successful process! One small problem I ran into last night after upgrading to 10.11.5 through the App Store. At first everything seemed fine. Rebooted and went into non-nvidia graphics, the nvidia web drivers got downloaded though the system preference pane and the machine rebooted successfully into 10.11.5 with full graphics. I thought great, no problems, everything good and worked for a while before shutdown the machine. Upon starting this morning, the machine kernel panics and reboots unless I boot with nv_disable=1. I'm going to try re-installing the NVIDIA web drivers, just wondering if you've seen any issues like this? Thanks again for your great guide! BB