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  1. Eskurza

    Temperature Monitor 4.51

    here is a link for 4.50 080325 which should work nicely. temp monitor and temp monitor lite http://rapidshare.com/files/127732496/tm_080325.zip.html
  2. Eskurza

    10.5.3 Update Guide

    I confirm that this works
  3. Eskurza

    iATKOS v2.0i released!

    Hey Jas, no worries man. I know this is not caused by you.. I want you to know we appreciate what you have done for this project. infact I can say we learned so much from you. We put in our effort, things we learned from your work and improved the DVD making process the best way we thought was possible. Since the correct iso is out there now, The issue is pointless. Just wanted to point this out.. Cheers everyone and Enjoy the new DVD.
  4. Eskurza

    iATKOS v2.0i released!

    People are still try to screw up the upload.. I will Ban all ips who do this... PEOPLE Delete all other iatkos v2.0 isos.. Start a NEW download !!!!
  5. Eskurza

    iATKOS v2.0i released!

    Hey guys, We are startin the upload again on Brokenstones.. Please DO NOT SEED the old corrupt iso or try to do anything like this.. brand new iso, brand new download. Let me know how it goes.
  6. Eskurza

    iATKOS v2.0i released!

    Guys, iso is corrected and will be upload by using other means.. Everytime We are tying to upload, I receive seeders with %99 completed the download.. So I am not sure what happening exactly. I shared the iso with couple other people.. Dont worry the release will come.. I am sorry for this things happening But it will be fixed.. I will come here and give you the news when I am sure that we have a healthy upload.
  7. Eskurza

    iATKOS v2.0i

    Guys md5 is for the ISO not the .rar UNRAR on windows with WINRAR.. This is a classic case that always people complain about..
  8. Eskurza

    iATKOS v2.0i

    Guys; not fake... uploaded by me.. I wanted to release it a little early since it was availble.. I didnt see the need to keep you guys waiting any longer.. Sunday 11th was a safe date to set; thats all... cheers
  9. Eskurza


    ahahah.. This thread is really funny.. First impatient noobs thinking that we are not delivering what we promised.. Then pompous Mods trashing our work.. Nothing to be said in these forums... I just couldnt help myself to put up a post..so here it goes.. 1- iATKOS wil bring leopard to pcs.. that it will be the first decent dvd that will do that.. we all know the issues with other versions .. 2- We are obligated to nothing.. When ever its done, it will be released.. Most People dont know what has changed in Leopard installation.. it takes time to make it **generally usable*** 3- For those who support us, we thank you and we hear you... no worries... 4- uphuck 1.4i was a masterpiece.. everyone should learn something from it.. If you think its only Package unification, you are wrong my friend or didnt even look what we have done.. with these said, I hope everyone will wait patiently for the release.. The new bootloader integration is close to completition, we have a working iATKOS right now which have no receipt problem or free from link errors.. for more info you know where to look.. PS: This is my last post on insanelymac.. Whatever comes out in this tread I will not reply.. people instrested know where we are.. CHeers everyone.
  10. First of all You have Jmicron Controller... You harware is not compatible as of now.. Jmicron on 10.4.9 is still under development. We have known issues that are General OSX problems but unrelated to Uphuck.DVD nano is a unix command.. U boot into the DVD and open the "TERMINAL" the command is: sudo nano /xxx/xxx/xx.plist --------------------------------- Hope this helps. You can join us at IRC for futher help.
  11. Eskurza

    Uphuck 1.3 Success Thread

    Security Updates have to be modified for AMDs.... This issue is unrelated to Uphuck DVD.. if your system works, than the DVD has done its job.. General OSX issues are not to be solved by this process. We include the latest developments and packages and formulate an easy installation. Known Issues: 1 - Jmicron has issues with 10.4.9 (this issue is still being worked on. General OSX problem needs further development) 2 - I get a blinking cursor ( This is a known issue on Dual Booting. The DVD has no input on dual booting. Search the forums.) 3- I instated Security Update, now it doesnt boot. ( Intel Machines have no issues.. Security Updates have to be modified for AMD) 4- I have no graphics. (Search or google to find out what u need for ur Nvidia and Ati card.. What specific Natit or Titan and the proper combination of AgpGart your hardware requires.) 5- My sound doesnt work.. (Make sure it is supported and have proper driver for OSX86 thorugh the wiki.) U might need a modified Azalia kext or Taruga's AppleHda development. The DVD includes some drivers but not all. It would be impossible to support and include all existing development on a single DVD. When u install windows XP, most hardware and related drivers are have to be installed later. Same logic works on Uphuck DVDs. Also Always remember that this process is Experimental. U might face issues that have no working solution.. Goodluck to everyone that are installing.. We appreciate all input and testing. Dont hesitate to post any and all comments and problems so we can either solve it or put a word in for further development.
  12. Eskurza

    Current Updates - safe?

    If you are on AMD, be carefull with the Security updates as well The one ones u can do safely on any sse3 machine is the application updates. Airport extreme update will change ur IO80211.kext if you're using a modified or 10.4.5 kext for wireless, backup your old one.. hope his helps
  13. Please write ur harware specs.. For the Last time.. People with Jmicron Sata.. U might experiance Problems booting.. This is a known issue, not related to the Uphuck DVD series... Its a General OSX problem with the v10.4.9 I suggest you try the Latest 10.4.8 Jas DVD.. for 10.4.9 we will keep you informed about Jmicron. its being worked on..
  14. Eskurza

    Sata problems

    Does it use Jmicron controller? if it is this is known problem.. Its currently being worked on.. Hope this helps