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  1. Ralink 3090 driver?

    hello. I'm also looking for this, because the MSi X320 uses this same card. as far as I can tell, there are no drivers directly available for this, but somebody should be able to port the linux driver. would somebody help?
  2. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    Av: 6/10 sig: 6/10
  3. Leo. Front Row in Tiger

    I forget the procedure, but one of these should work.
  4. Leo. Front Row in Tiger

    Install backrow from the tv.
  5. 9A466 App Compatibility

    Could some of the issues be related to Rosetta?
  6. InsanelyHacked!

  7. InsanelyHacked!

    Who knows?
  8. 9A466 App Compatibility

    You installed Leopard, and now you want TO CHANGE THE THEME?!?
  9. Take One, Leave One

    callback Prat Leo now, or wait for October?
  10. Leopard BETA as main OS

    I' gonna wait until October, then have it preinstalled. And yeah, I just had Leo installed on my Mac an hour ago.
  11. Leopard BETA as main OS

    I'm gonna install it as my Main OS, now that I have a DL DVD R and the new 512MB DIMM from Crucial.
  12. InsanelyHacked!

    Oh, that person will. I'd tell you, but the I would have to hack this forum, delete this post, delete all copies saved in obscure corners of the internet, track down everyone that read this, then wipe their memory.
  13. Apple Safari 3.0 Beta for Windows

    They are problably still fixing it.
  14. Leopard image not bootabel

    What's wrong with Toast?
  15. uTorrent is coming to OS X

    Usenet here. I currently really like the historical protocol.